Porch light .. Dusk to Dawn not working

deb963October 17, 2012

I need some help with my Outdoor porch light dusk to dawn sensor is not functioning... The light stays on but not turning on at night or turning off at morning.. It has worked before but now just gave out.... What do i need to check or buy?

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The glass/plastic that covers the light sensor on the front of an outdoor light can become so dirty that the sensor can't distinguish light from dark. If you unscrew that disc and gently clean it (no harsh chemicals!), you stand a strong chance that the light will again work as it should. If it doesn't, it's possible the sensor has gone bad although that isn't likely. Good luck!

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Is this located on the inside or outside plastic youre talking about? If it is the sensor, is on the inside.. Please Help.. Im green to this...lol..

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The light sensor is usually located on the front of the light housing between two lights or underneath (or on top of) a single light. The sensor is covered by a round quarter-sized disc. The disc usually has a rough edge to facilitate unscrewing (lefty=loosie, righty=tighty). I didn't shut off the electricity to remove the clear plastic/glass disc, cleaning it and replacing it. If your light doesn't conform to this description, then submit a photo if you can. Alternatively, you might want to web browse the manufacturer's site for instructions.

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Are you sure no one double-flicked the light switch inside? This is only if you have the kind of lighting that goes to automatic when you turn it on once, but to "permanent on" when you turn it on, off, on quickly.

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