Beware of Maytag (or any other ) extended warranty

terri76November 17, 2008

In January of 2004 I purchased a Maytag washer from Home Depot. ($600.) I, being a loyal Kenmore/Whirlpool person, decided to try the Maytag. Knowing Maytag's reputation, I felt I couldn't go wrong. NOT!! After a month it sounded like a train going through my basement(and I am hard of hearing)It was a large capacity drum but the water only filled 2/3's of the way. So if I put in a large amount of articles, they didn't have enough room to move. And I began getting rashes because the soap wasn't being rinsed out. (So I had to start adding water.) The repairman came out and fixed the loud spin(something broke loose) but said the water level was preset so I was stuck with it. The water temperature had a system that if you set it to warm, the washer would release some cold water and then some warm and back and forth again. But sometimes if I set it to warm, I got cold. If I set it to hot, sometime I got warm. So I had to have this repaired which started messing up again very soon. I then put a extended warranty on the washer till August of 2008. During this time I have had to replace the water sensor, the wash cycle mechanism, timer, and just before the extended warranty was up, the agitator broke. But what was most frustrating about the extended warranty was they didn't tell me that I couldn't call the local Maytag repair to fix it. They have a "special" company that they are contracted to so I would have to contact them. Each time he had to assess the problem and ORDER THE PARTS which took a few days to a week. Then when he received them he would call and set up another appointment to install them. Sometimes I would be without a washer for over a week or more. So if you should purchase an extended warranty on an appliance, check to see how they operate. Oh, it is now November of 2008 and the washer again started sounding like a train going through my basement. I will not fix the machine again. I found out later that it wasn't a real Maytag. They had just bought the company and put their name on the washers.

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model number ?

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Ten bucks says it's a Maytag Atlantis. MAV-series, probably.

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I keep trying to teach people that "extended warranties" are NOT an extention to the warranty. They are a SERVICE CONTRACT

I just shake my head when people say they "feel safer" or something by buying a service contract. I feel safer having money in the bank so I can choose the repair person and get it fixed in a reasonable time frame.

Now in fairness, it is normal for them to make a trip to diagnose the problem, then order the parts and make another trip out. The appliance repair people couldn't possibly carry 1/20th of the different parts for all the different machines.

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Cynic, you are absolutely right about service contracts. By not having a service contract, you have the flexibility of choosing the repair person who can give you faster service. Waiting two weeks for a repair person to service my appliance is not my cup of tea.

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I think everyone should do some homework before bying anything. About returns, service etc.
When I bought my Supra few years ago I knew local repair shop would take care of any problems. Little did I know the repair guy will be in my house every few weeks,the machine was a piece of crap. It did beautifull job on clothes when it was working but it cost almost twice as much to keep it running ,than the original price. (In only year and half). I was surprised the extended service company actualy paid the money to fix it all the time.
It is worth to do the research beforeheand. I was never more than 5 days without the machine when something went wrong. The repair guy was just great. On top of it he is alergic to cats and I have two, so I felt sorry for him, but he took care of stuff.
I also used Sears on my DW and couldn't be hapier. Maybe it depends on location or people too.

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I forgot to mention. My extended warranty was only 99 dollars, which was well worth it considering all the reapairs were way over 1000 dollars.
My LG's extended warranty is also 99 each so if something will go wrong, I think it is worth it.
In past I also had expended warranty on 2000 dollars speakers and also was used when lightning damaged one. I lost few small appliances back then too.
My old tv broke down just a month before the extended warranty too. It was 500 dollar repair and the tv is still running 7 years later. So sometimes you just never know.

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My model number of this piece of Maytag junk is SAV515DAWW.
I also read where Maytag bought out some companies with cheaper made washers and put the Maytag name on it. That is what Home Depot and Lowes are selling. So that is exactly what I got.

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Ah, I thought by the price it would have been an Atlantis (another piece of crap). This line of washers was just as crappy. I've never seen a washer get a single star in every review on epinions, but this one sure did.

When I worked for hhgregg around that time, we found a Maytag washer (SAV series) in the warehouse that had dumped its transmission oil. While still in the box. Never even used.

It was crap like this that led to the demise of Maytag.

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Whirlpool bought Maytag in 2006. Now all Maytag products are made by Whirlpool.

When I bought my Maytag Bravos w/d set earlier this year (the first Maytags I'd ever bought), I did get the 4-yr. extended warranty from HD for $100. I would not have paid more than that, but I thought that was reasonable since just one service call can easily cost more than that. JMHO

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There was a time you could have purchased a 10 year Maytag extended warranty and you would have never used it. Today with parts and manufacture coming from all corners of the earth it is not a bad idea to purchase a reasonably priced extended warranty.

With cash in the bank you do have more flexibility on choice of service providers but you also pay full price for all repairs. You also can not be promised that every part you need will be readily avaliable no matter whom is providing the service.

Most folks purchasing extended warranties are not purchasing it from the manufacturer. Be sure to investigate the service limitations and fine print before purchase. Purchasing AFTER a failure from the servicer or from the box store is the worst time buy. IMHO

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