Miele lovers - advice on which machine please

fpmomNovember 21, 2013

I posted last year re help deciding between an Asko or Bosch but now that we are moving I am upgrading to Miele washer and dryer (I think) because of all the many positive comments on this forum from owners... my priorities are a machines 'gentleness' on clothing as well as performance i.e. that it gets clothing really clean so I think that a Miele pair is going to satisfy the criteria the best
My question is this - rather than do all the research initially on every machine can 'Miele lovers' provide feedback on their machines (or research they have done) regarding the differences between the models and any notable differences (I don't need stainless steel etc and am happy with basic white - any advice on how to get the best deal? any black friday leads?) ... All comments welcome!!!

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The newest basic washer is the 3037 (was 3033-white/3035-stainless). My vented dryer is T8005 (stainless) but the website would give you the most current number for the white dryer.

To install these, you need a dedicated 100v electrical outlet and and both cold and hot water intake -- best to check the specifications on the website if those aren't already in place (we had to put in an outlet).

Miele and "deal" aren't synonymous but who knows what black Friday will turn up. Doesn't hurt to call the authorized dealers and see what they'd throw in.

Once you have your machines, here's a Private Miele Fans Cheat Sheet to get you started with the washer.

Hope yours makes things as easy for you as mine does for me.

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Miele also has 220v models called the little giants that can be sold to homeowners. They were Miele's answer when they discontinued their larger models.

The Little Giants has all of the Euro Miele goodness and not the dumbed down consumer 120v models. Cost is about 1.5 to two times above the consumer Mile models.



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I have both Asko and Miele machines side by side in my laundry room. And I wash my fine sweaters and delicates in the ASKO, not the Miele, because it is gentler. Most people only have one or the other and they tend to believe their maunfufacturer's marketing claims. Since I'm beyond marketing claims, having bought both machines already, I just know which machine gets my cashmere sweaters and silk blouses, and which doesn't. (I wash all my woolens and silks in the Asko, though I wash all my down items in the Miele.)

If gentleness on fabrics is your primary criterion, then I would lean towards Asko. I don't see any difference in either one's ability to clean, though on my machines the Asko will reach a higher temp (good for some types of cleaning) but the Miele will get to a higher spin speed when it's extracting the water. The Asko uses more water than the Miele, though; while tthe Miele holds slightly more laundry.

Both of my machines are hooked to tap cold only and rely on the machine to heat all the water. Are more-recent Mieles still 220V, or have they been dumbed-down to 110V? I think Asko is still 220V, which would be essetial for me. A 110 v machine will never be able to reach maximum cleaning performance compared to a 220v model, no matter what the brand.


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I was checking the power requirements for the Miele Little Giant pair on the Miele Pro web site and it looks like you could only run one of them at a time with a 208-240V/30A circuit.

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I've owned all 3 front loader brands now. They all did a good job. There are differences, of course, which I detailed in past posts.

I respectfully disagree with the "dumbed down" description of the 120 v Mieles. The dismissiveness of a non-240 v machine applies to most of America. A bit much, seriously.

The temperatures in the 120 v Miele aren't as spot on as they were in the Asko but I verified them in the process of doing my cheat sheet and they were on target (the Miele has 2 quirky no-heater cycles, however, Delicates and Normal). I haven't found anything the hottest, longest Asko cycle did that the Miele's Sanitize cycle doesn't do.

It's interesting to see how our perceptions differ. In my Asko the water level was so low a queen quilt had to be done 3 times because there were dry spots after two cycles ended. Same quilt washed beautifully in the Miele as the sensors adjusted the water level.

A good choice for anyone depends a lot on how much control, which options are wanted, and what capacity is needed vs cost and expected longevity. The Bosch washer has the largest capacity. The Asko has the most precise temperature control but mine was replaced once, several cycles never worked in the old or the new machine and it lasted only 9 years in a weekend house (used full-time only 1 year) before the controller board blew and couldn't be replaced because the company had been sold. Miele has the best performance overall (followed by the Bosch) IME.

But there are other brands out there with front loaders and those get clothes clean too.

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> was checking the power requirements for the Miele Little Giant pair on the Miele Pro web site and it looks like you could only run one of them at a time with a 208-240V/30A circuit.

Correct. It has a 5000 watt internal heater for fast heating up to 190F, rather than the 1000 watt used in their 120v models, or the 2500 watt heater in their older 208/240v washers. The "matching" dryer also has a 5000 watt heating element and needs its own 30A circuit - making it faster than just about any other 24" wide dryer.

I've read about these high-end Mieles here but didn't realize they actually pitch these as a consumer product, in the brochure I picked up from Best Buy along with all their other residential appliances. Too bad they're so expensive even by Miele standards; they look great.

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The Miele Little Giants are designed as commercial machines. Miele assumes a minimum of five loads per day in these machines, but they can be run 24/7.

Other than Bosch, I think these units from Miele are really the only ones left that will do a true sanitize cycle. Bosch's new units call their 141F cycle a "Sanitize" cycle. That temp will NOT kill most bacteria and Virus'. Not the ones that most people really worry about anyway.

The older Bosch WAS24460UC, that is still being sold, reaches temps of 161F. That is a 20F drop in wash temp. This is almost 100% due to Bosch wanting to appear more of a "green" company. By lowering their top end wash temp they lower the MEF (Modified Energy Factor) and qualify for more of a tax rebate.

So if you take that into account you are left with Asko and Miele selling laundry that actually disinfect clothing. When you figure that Asko is even more of a niche product in the US than Miele, that leaves Miele as the only company selling laundry to the consumer that is capable of disinfecting laundry without a lot of chemicals.

If you purchase the little giants, then you can get hospital grade disinfection. This comes in VERY handy when you have the flu going around your home, etc.

We wash diapers in our laundry and it would be seriously gross if our top wash temp was 141F. Yuck. We would need to use bleach all of the time or hang the clothes in the sun. The latter is not real practical in the winter when temps are sub 20F.

All diapers are washed above 155F. I wish I had a boilwash, but our top end is 161F, which is probably closer to 150F in reality. We use cotton prefolds so the "clothing" can handle the higher wash temps.

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Heads up -- Just purchased a 5 year extended waranty for my washer and dryer. The year is not up until February but they gave me a 10% off promo code! Can't believe Miele is doing this but they are. I went for it today. TSR6527

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Oh thanks! I will have to wait until I get paid to take advantage hope it is still on then.

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