T8 Retrofit; Instant vs. Programmed Ballast

ceburyOctober 19, 2011

I'm retrofitting my T12 to T8 florescent bulbs and changed several already. In my kitchen, the T12 bulbs (old magnetic rapid-start ballasts) last around 2 years each. They aren't on "all day" like an office, but they aren't on/off like a hallway light: probably closer to on/off than all-day since we are home during the day.

Some say "T8+Instant Start = Death to the bulb unless it's hardly ever cycled, like no more than 2x/day". Wondering how much of that is truth, my question is:

If I switch to electronic Instant Start ballast and use T8 bulbs, how much reduced lifespan could I expect? (Obviously nobody knows for sure, I was thinking along the lines of "A lot" vs "not much").

I'm debating on upgrading the ballasts to 2x expensive Programmed Start instead of the Instant Start.


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imo, it doesn't matter all that much. I haven't had to replace a T8 in 3 - 4 years (yet) even though the light is connected an electronic instant start ballast and the duty cycle ~ 3x/ day.

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