Ambiance Lighting

JavachikOctober 7, 2010

I think I've read EVERY posting that mentions Ambiance lighting by Seagull (low voltage xenon linear lights), but NONE of them are from people that actually HAVE that system installed. My electrical contractor has given me a quote to install it for under cabinet lighting. For 10 upper cabinets (17 feet) he is recommending 10 lights and will use a 150w transformer.

Anyone have experience with the Ambiance system? Does the lighting sound adequate? One bulb per cabinet doesn't sound like it will give full coverage. I expressed my concern but he swears it will work.

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Somewhere in this forum I posted detailed instructions for installing Juno mini-track lighting. It should be just the same as the Seagull lighting, the only difference is the Juno uses a track and Seagull I think uses a wire.

You might want to try a search on here for Juno Trac 12

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I think your electrician is wrong.
I would specify double the number of lamps for 17 feet.
Perhaps you should have the electrician install a more expensive 250 watt transformer, and if he's wrong you can add add more lamps.
I use 15-20 watts per foot for my indirect valence applicationsand I think you would require at least that level of output.

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