Mixing LED Lighting

Reno808October 2, 2013

We are planning to use mostly Cree CR4 LEDs and Halo H99ICAT cans along with Lutron Maestro CL Dimmers (works with CFL and LED). The question is that on a few circuits, we need can to have an angled LED light for art.

Option 1 is to find a dimmable LED gimbal that fits into the line voltage (120 V) H99ICAT.

Option 2 is to use a low voltage can with integrated transformer and an LED MR16 form factor.

I have no idea whether option 1 or 2 is possible (and whether they will be compatible with the Maestro CL dimmer).

Any suggestions on what we should use for the angled LED lights?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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If you go option 2 you'll need a low voltage (12v) dimmer (which is available in the Maestro line). Are the angled lights switched separately from the others?

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No low-voltage dimmer needed when the can includes the transformer. Just make sure the transformer is magnetic, not electronic.

The 12v MR16 'wall washer' is a good way to go. Lots of choices of LED bulbs. I used the Philips 10w LED MR16s from Home Depot with good luck. However there are other options. If I were looking today, I would consider the new Cree LM-16, and the high-CRI Soraa products. For artwork, definitely look for high CRI.

The 120v version of the MR-16, with the GU10 connection on the back, might also be a way to go. Less cost in the can due to no need for the transformer. However the choices of GU10 products is much more limited than the 12v MR16s.

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Thanks for the comments.

The angled lights are on the same circuit as the CR4 down lights so the housing and lights for both downlight and angled light need to be compatible with the dimmers, which makes it tough to determine if everything plays well together.

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