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dahindsOctober 12, 2009

We are going to redo the lighting in our small (9'x11', 8' ceiling) kitchen. Currently there are two 9" square recessed fixtures on separate switches, one over the stove and one over the sink, with 26w CFL bulbs behind frosted glass, that do not put out much light. I want to take out those fixtures and replace with something that is IC rated and energy efficient.

I was thinking of something like the attached plan. Here, the yellow dots would be 6" recessed cans on a switch near the dining area, and the red dot would be on a second switch near the sink. The big green dot is a fan+light fixture in the breakfast area near the "south" end of the diagram. I was thinking of using LR6 lamps on a dimmer.

Does this look reasonable? I didn't want to overdo it with the can lights, so I focused on the work areas, but is this too unbalanced? Also I wonder if the light near the dining area is too close to that opening. Any suggestions on what to use for the sink light?

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I would recommend smaller aperture recessed lights to focus the light on the counter/cabinets instead of on your head. That can be a 3" or 3 3/4" Lightolier low voltage or line voltage that is adjustable so it can be aimed toward the cabinet a bit and avoid lighting the top of your head.

I would put two lights over the sink to avoid shadows and two in front of the adjacent cabinets 32" to 48" apart.

If the stove has a hood a light over it will only reflect off of the hood.

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The recessed cans will light your countertops nicely... just not when you are trying to work on them and are blocking the light. If you have pretty new counters you definitely want to show them off, and these will do that nicely. But for task lighting, get some undercabinet lights. Your vent hood or over the range microwave probably already has a light. I would place task lights next to the stove and under the cabinets by the sink.

Over the sink, you can use a flush-mounted fixture or even a recessed light. My future kitchen has 9' ceilings, so I am choosing to go with a decorative pendant over my sink so the light will be more suitable as task lighting.

In such a small space, I would be concerned about the ceiling fan being overwhelming and visually dominating the space. If you need a fan there for ventilation reasons, I would choose a small, flush mounted that is as unobtrusive as possible. But instead of a fan, I think that spot is an ideal spot for an attractive lighting fixture.

In a small kitchen, a little bit of bling goes a long way, and I think in your kitchen the fixtures over the breakfast table and sink could be defining pieces: like art or the right earrings on a new outfit.

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