LED Modules vs. Separate Bulbs and Trim

lee676October 9, 2011

What is the advantage of using LED modules (i.e. the popular Cree CR6) that combine a floodlamp bulb with a trim housing, as opposed to a traditionally shaped BR30 or BR40 LED floodlamp bulb and a separate trim bezel? which is how it's normally done with incandescent or CFL bulbs?

Either requires a recessed can, but only the latter needs a step baffle or other trim piece; with the module the trim and bulb are one piece.

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1. Color correction over time.
2. Thermal management for the recessed can environment.
3. The LR6/ CR6 modules have an array of leds arranged so that the output is maximized and the color is god.

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I agree with davidtay on all of the above. Especially that the light dispersion on intergrated LED downlight modules seems hard to beat, and the thermal management issues. However, the new LED BR30 and BR40 bulbs really work well in sloped ceiling cans as a stand in replacement for incandescent bulbs. And some people just love the look of their current trims and don't want to give that look up and go with an integrated trim piece.

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