Maytag Dryer electronic control board always warm

lombardguyNovember 25, 2011


At times its almost hot. I am pretty knowledgeable but I am just not sure if this is how this has always been or if it is a new problem. As a rule of thumb other than pressing the appropriate buttons to turn the unit on, I am not feeling the area that I noticed this warmth.

This is a Maytag Neptune gas dryer, probably 8 years old.

My gut is saying that this is a problem that needs to be addressed because of obvious safety reasons and logically I cant figure out why the control board would be generating any heat when the unit is not on... nothing is lit on the unit.

Looking for responses as to whether this is acceptable for this unit.

Thank you

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Hi: If you post your question to the guys at, I am sure you will get an answer to your problem.

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