help with number, spacing, placement recessed LED lights

gwnoviceOctober 17, 2008

We are redoing our kitchen and have had wildly differing recommendations for the number of recessed lights to be installed. We need to be Title 24 compliant, so we will be using the 6" Cree LED lights (LR6). Our kitchen is roughly 11 by 15 feet with 24 inch deep base cabinets and 12 inch wall cabinets. We also plan to have fluorescent undercabinet lights. We don't want to have the kitchen too bright like aussies did.

I would like to hear your recommendations regarding the number, spacing, as well as the placement of the LR6 recessed lights.

Thanks in advance! Here is a rough drawing:

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I forgot to add that the ceiling is 9 feet.

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How bout a real stretched out "stop sign" design with 10 lights total. 6 in middle with 2 flanking each end...

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To get an idea of how bright the lights are, I replaced the 2 existing recessed can incandescent bulbs with the GU-24 Cree LR-6 lights. The output is pleasant, but not overwhelming. We'll see how the kitchen looks after the fluorescent tubes are removed and the LR-6s are installed in their final configuration (still TBD)--we're thinking of just putting in 6 (3 on one wall, 2 on the other, 1 in the middle. The existing cans will be replaced by pendants.

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I have four running around the corner of an 11 x 7 L-shaped array of cabinets with eight foot ceilings. I didn't bother with a dimmer, because I have been led to believe they just don't work yet. I don't find the light glaring or too bright. The electrician thought it would be and I was afraid after Aussie's experience. Overall, I am very happy.

I don't have a pic to share, but if you want me to post one, I will take a pic when I am at the house again.

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