Miele 3033

djp714November 7, 2011

We're building a new house and are considering the Miele 3033 units for our 1st and 2nd level laundry rooms. We're a bit concerned about the vibration during the final spin especially for the 2nd floor. Does anyone have experience with a second floor setup with the 3033?

Also, what is the cycle time for normal and express? Thanks.

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We're planning to install the unit under counter. Any comments about size and noise level would be great as well. Thanks

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Hello djp714, I can't specifically speak about the 3033, but I have a 1213 which is the same capacity but deeper washer.

The unit is very heavy for its size and will be very stable generally. The key to minimizing vibration is to really level the washers.

When I installed mine, one of the front feet was off by just a little and you could feel it was not spot on.

My units are on concrete floor, so I can't speak too much of second floor wood installations.

What I can tell you is that sometimes when the machine spins an unbalanced load (for example one big item), it will vibrate. I usually leave cleaning rags or detergent cups on top of the machine and those will move and fall down from the vibration.

If the vibration level is to annoying, you can manually reduce the speed of the final spin and it makes things tolerable.

Since you are still in the building process, I would recommend you talk your contractor so he can reinforce the laundry rooms and put some really thick plywood to reduce vibration. You can also mention to him that the washer you want to put in weighs close to 300 pounds, which is much more than the average.

As for cycles, the normal with no extra options is around one hour and I don't have the express so I can't comment on that.

Here is a link below for the product specs where you will find dimensions.

Finally, noise level is pretty good for me; the pump is the noisiest part.



Here is a link that might be useful: Specs

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@djp714 - Our Miele W&D are essentially on a second floor; the garage is downstairs, under the laundry room. When I asked the salesman about vibration, he indicated that if the floor was in the middle of the house and prone to a trampoline effect, we would probably have vibration issues. Fortunately our laundry room is on an outside wall, and the washer sits right next to that exterior wall. Vibration has been minimal, and only with a few loads that simply won't get balanced properly.

The house of a friend of mine has the laundry room in the middle of the house, over the garage/basement. She has had problems with her WP Duet washer vibrating and moving, banging up against the counter of the adjacent sink/cabinet. She has that classic 'trampoline' issue.

If the washer is going to sit on an outside wall, or even in the middle of the house but over a strong load-bearing wall downstairs, you'll stand a better chance of minimal vibration. JMO...

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Thx for the feedback. I did not realize the unit weighted so much. Great input on reinforcing the floor. Our units will be against an outside walls and not in the middle of the house so that should also help.

How do you guys like the capacity of the units? I know they are smaller than the supersize units but the big LGs, Samsungs. Can you wash a king size duvet cover?

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"How do you guys like the capacity of the units? Can you wash a king size duvet cover?"
I don't have the 3033, but if you can wash two king-size sheets in the machine, the duvet cover would be the equivalent.

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Cavimum, is your miele on wood or concrete on the second floor? Thx.

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Depending how you do your laundry and the number of people in the house, you will either like it or hate it.

A king size duvet will not fit in the machine, the drum is too small. The largest thing that I fit was a thick sports car cover.

Miele will tell you that you can fit 14 or 16 medium size towels, it will fit but I find it exaggerated.

It will be a great machine if you like to sort your laundry by fabric types and colors.

If you like to do as little loads as possible, then it's not the right capacity for you.

If I understand correctly, you are considering two sets of these machines? Why not go for one large on the 1st floor or basement and one large on the second floor? The price difference between the W3033 and the W4842 (or IntelliQ 300) is not that big.

One thing I am a bit disappointed is the compact dryer, its capacity seems to fall a bit short to the washer's capacity. For example, if I wash 4 bed sheets, I will dry them two by two to get better results and fewer creases.

If you tell us how your washing habits are and expectations, we'll be able to help you make a better decision.

Also, a good thing to do which I have done myself is to go to the store or gallery that has them on display with the biggest thing you may want to fit in the machine and try it.


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@djp714 - Floor is wood joist, sub-floor (most likely particleboard) , then vinyl floor. I've never heard of a concrete floor on anything but a ground floor, like concrete slab foundation. Concrete on top of a joisted floor would need a LOT of support under it to carry the weight of the concrete, unless the joists are steel beams, IMO.

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We're a family of 5 (3 boys) so we obviously have lots of laundry all the time. We like the larger capacity of the W4842 (which is slightly cheaper than 3033) but based on research, sounds like the 3033 is better constructed. Plus, you can't put a countertop over the W4842. We're planning to have a full countertop and upper cabinets.

Thx for the feedback on the capacity. I'm surprised to hear that you can't wash a king duvet cover which is obviously necessary. Were you referring to king duvet comforter or just the comforter cover? We only wash the cover since the comforter itself is down.

On the dryer, I always thought the dryer had more capacity than the washer. Do the clothes come out wrinkled?

We were planning to have 1 set in the first floor laundry and another set in the second floor laundry room. We're now thinking if we should put 2 sets in the 2nd floor laundry room which may solve the capacity issue. I know it seems kind of overkill but in the grand scheme of building a new home, it's not bad. Plumbing and power for the 2 units would not an issue since it's new.

Based on your feedback, I'll have my architect specify a reinforced room.

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@mihai914 said: A king size duvet will not fit in the machine, the drum is too small.

I agree with that. A few days ago, I put our queen-size duvet/comforter in the dryer that matches our W4842, on a no-heat cycle, just to remove any dust from storage over the summer. It was a close fit, but it never really "tumbled". I think the dryer has slightly larger capacity than the W4842, so I'll never try to wash the queen-size comforter. The W3033 capacity is approx. 1/3 less than the W4842, so there is no way a king-size duvet/comforter will fit. A quilt, maybe, but not anything puffy. Looks like @mihai meant the duvet/comforter itself, not a cover, but @mihai will have to answer your question and clarify.

@djp714 said: I'm surprised to hear that you can't wash a king duvet cover which is obviously necessary. Were you referring to king duvet comforter or just the comforter cover?

Not sure who you are asking. In my previous post, I said if you can wash two king size sheets together in the W3033, then you will be able to wash the duvet/comforter cover, because the majority of covers are basically two sheets sewn together. You should be able to wash the cover in a W3033, unless it is a bulky fabric like courduroy, matelassé, or polar fleece, which will have more volume and make the cover thicker.

I hope this helps.

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@ djp714, just had this conversation with a friend who is a custom home builder last night. Lots of people are putting in two sets of laundry or at least two washers and one dryer. The later makes sense to me since a wash can take 1 - 2 hours and the dryer only about 20 minutes you could get more done quickly.

I built a new laundry room in my basement a few years ago when we finished our basement (relocated it from the kitchen - where I hated it). I have plenty of room to add another washer and may consider it as my boys get bigger.

I opted for the W4842/T9822 but would consider adding one of the smaller units as my additional washer. But then again ... all the same would look nice :)

I easily fit my king size duvet cover in my W4842 and my king size mattress pad. I would not fit a comforter or duvet (king) in it.

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djp714, sorry for the misunderstanding I misread and was talking about the duvet itself. A cover will fit without a problem.

I can easily wash two sets of double bed covers with a sheet or two and some tee shirts and I still have room to spare.

Indeed the dryer has more capacity but these compact units don't seem to have enough space for large items to spread and dry well.

If I stuff it too much, I do get creases and sheets will ball up and remain damp in the center. I work around it by separating the wash load for the dryer.

I was in your position and really liked the look of the W4842, the stainless steel tub of the W3033 but I ended up buying new old stock (W1213) at the factory clearance center in Canada to save some cash and it runs on 220V, so it heats the water quickly when needed.

Last week I picked-up a used W4800 for my parents.

Both machines are as heavy. If the 48xx were to be made like the 3033 (stainless drum) it would most likely weigh 400 pounds plus.

Build quality is good, since it was the first generation it has its issues which I hope were corrected by now.

The height of the W4842 is not that much without pedestals and the machine's top panel is really solid, it seems like it was designed to put stuff on it.

Why couldn't you have one laundry room finished, buy a set of the compacts, see how things work out for you and then decide how to finish and what to buy for the second laundry room? I'm just throwing out ideas.

I hope this helps.


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I have a Miele 1986 from about 10 years ago. It's one of the 240V units and thus has a powerful motor. It would from time to time vibrate more than I liked. However at the time Miele sold a set of floor bolts for it which locks the washer down to the floor. This particular model was often used in laundrymats in Europe and the bolts were made for that, but they would sell them to anyone. I think it was about $20.

Maybe they still sell them and this would eliminate any issues with vibration.

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