UltraLights anybody have them?

jerjerOctober 19, 2009

UltraLights...anybody have any experience with them? Thought I had my lighting figured out then I found these beautys. Haven't seen them anywhere and cannot find any reviews, sure like the look but I'm a bit dubious about ordering sight unseen.....Was hoping that some of you folks might have insight??? Web site: Ultralightslighting.com

Appreciate any illuminating thoughts!


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I have nine of the luz azul fixtures on the outside of my house. The quality is good and I liked the fact that there were so many different finishes to choose from. The lead time may be a little longer than normal because I believe each fixture is made to order.

I did have a problem with the company in general though. The place I ordered them from, totally screwed up my order. So I had to send back eight of the fixtures. It took approx. 5 months to get the re-order. During that time, I kept getting the run around about the delay. The salesman at the store said Ultralights was in the middle of a move. Okay, I'll accept a week delay there. Then they told us that the diffusers were custom glass and they were trying to get all of them to match. In fact, the diffusers are acrylic and probably cut from a big sheet. What I suspect is that there were some internal problems with them not wanting to accept the incorrect fixtures back or that once they did, they put my job on the back burner. So I place blame on Ultralights and the retailer. The retailer should have just eaten the cost and re-ordered, but customer service like that is too rare nowadays.

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Oh my Bignick, yikes, such a grim tale!

Seems the retailer jerked you around perhaps as much as Ultralights did. These are pretty pricy fixtures, I'd expect better.... Care to divulge who the retailer or "E-tailer" was? Appreciate the heads-up...... Smiles.....Jer

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