washer leaking after replacing drain pump

ChiTown72November 8, 2012

I have a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer and recently replaced the drain pump. Washer working but noticed small leak at the bottom of the washer that seems to be coming from the general area of the drain pump. Disconnected washer & checked to make sure the pump was in correctly and that the clamps were on right. Everything seemed fine. I did a small test load and everything seemed fine so I tried doing a regular load (with clothes) Big Mistake!! Water all over laundry room! Immediately disconnected washer. Any ideas on what the problem is??

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Check that the seal around the impeller is intact, not damaged in some way. It's the only seal involved. Confirm the sealing surface of the tub opening is clean. Lubricate the seal surface lightly with liquid detergent to reduce friction of cranking the pump into position.

There's no need to disturb the hoses/clamps when replacing the pump.

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The Nozzle Spray Fill Assy may be leaking.

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Thank you for responding!

The seal around the impeller looks intact and everything looks clean around the sealing surface of the tub opening. I haven't lubricated the seal surface, but could that really be the reason for all the water to leak the way it did?? It wasn't just a little water but the whole contents of the washer!

The reason I said in my previous post that I had checked the hoses/clamps is that when I was initially diagnosing the problem, I removed the drain pump and the diverter valve to check for clogs. Therefore I had to remove the hose also. Thought that maybe I had not put the hose or clamps back the correct way, but that wasn't the problem.

Any other possible solutions??

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Possibly excess friction during installation could shift the pump seal awry but that does seem unlikely. I mentioned it as a possibility.

You need to confirm the source of the leak. There, unfortunately, is no access panel on the cabinet, so suggest setting the machine temporarily on wooden blocks or whatever you may have so you can look beneath. A mirror and flashlight can be helpful. UNPLUG it. Have someone pour water in from a bucket while another person looks beneath to observe from where the leak appears. If there is no leak with water in the machine while the pump is not running, then observation while the machine runs is the next step.

Could be a cracked fill flume spraying water outside the tub. Could be the recirculation hose is not properly positioned in the anchor notch at top edge of the tub. Could be a cracked hose or diverter valve or a bum new pump.

If you removed the diverter, did you possibly get it reinstalled wrong such that the operation is reversed? Recirculation during SPIN will cause water to spray around inside the cabinet to the floor due to the recirculation stream hitting the top edge of the basket spinning at high RPM.

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Dadoes, thank you for always responding and helping the way you do. After all this time, I still don't have my washer working. After your last response, I tried troubleshooting all the things that you mentioned & got frustrated that I wasn't getting anywhere. I scheduled a certified Fisher Paykel technician through Lowes, took a couple weeks for appt. He apparently checked it thoroughly & said it was a bad pump. Contacted F&P for a warranty replacement & that was HELL! They told me to tell the tech to call them to verify with their tech that in fact the pump was bad. My tech disappeared off the face of the earth cause neither me or F&P could get a hold of him. Took them over 2 mos. to authorize a new pump. Well now that i finally rec'd it, installed it & it's doing the same thing. It just fills with water, recirculates the water & there's still a leak underneath. Won't go through a cycle either, just makes a funny noise like it's trying to work. I truly believe it was misdiagnosed from the get go. I mean what are the chances of three pumps being bad? Anything else I can try before tossing it? Would really appreciate your help!!

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Hmm. How is a GWL15 still covered by warranty? Extended warranty via Lowe's?

There are only a few specific possible sources for a leak --
- The main motor/drive shaft through the tub, leaking at the seal. In that case water will come out from the SmartDrive motor rotor, not from the pump.
- The diverter valve or at the hoses connected to it.
- The pump or the hose connected at the pump sump.
- During recirculation, at the hose port at top of the tub if it isn't positioned properly where it fits at the edge of the tub, or if the tub cover is loose. Water would run from there down the side of the tub.

Won't go through a cycle either, just makes a funny noise like it's trying to work.
That's too vague as to exactly what the machine is doing or trying to do when the "funny noise" occurs. Difficult to diagnose a problem from afar without specific details. The lid locks through the entire cycle so I realize you've never observed the various actions that occur as it progresses for knowing what it's supposed to do vs. what it's doing wrong. You might consider raising the top deck so you can watch it run with the lid closed/locked.

Carefully pry out the two lid bumpers at the front corners. Remove the screws beneath. Start a cycle, then raise the entire top so you can watch.

It should fill to a very low level with the basket rotating at 25 RPM. The pump turns on with the diverter activated for recirculation mode, 25 RPM basket rotation with an occasional pause for a couple seconds at a time. Water will shower out of the recirculation port. Fill may occur again briefly to top-up the recirculation water level. After about 5 mins of recirculation, the pump turns off and it fills rest of the way to either an auto-sensed water level or to whatever is the manually-selected level. Agitation for the wash period. Drain. Spin, progressing from a slow speed, to 300 RPM, to 600 RPM. The rinse sequence (assuming *not* on Perm Press cycle, and *not* on Softener Rinse) is a couple periods of slow rotation with fresh water spraying followed by faster spins. The final spin revs up to 1010 RPM. If on Perm Press or Softener Rinse option, there's a spin after the wash drain, then it refills to the same water level as the wash period for an agitated rinse, followed by drain and the final spin (Perm Press final spin is slower than 1010 RPM).

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The washer itself is not under warranty. The drain pump that I had replaced was. Water does not leak with just water in the tub, just on operation.

I feel that it was misdiagnosed in the first place. Originally, the problem was that it did not drain the rinse cycle water. Tech told me the pump was bad, replaced it, at this time the washer did not go through a cycle without leaking all the water when it got to the rinse cycle. Tech came out again and said I got a bad replacement pump, replaced that one too and now it only fills, attempts to wash but theres just a faint noise of it trying to agitate, all the while its slowly leaking from the bottom.

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You need to directly observe what's happening by raising the top as I outlined above.

If it fills OK for Eco Active (no leaking), then leaks when the pump turns on for recirculation, it should refill when enough water leaks out to retrigger the water level sensor. It'll refill a couple/three times to refresh the required water level for recirculation, then should throw a fault code if it can't maintain the level ... i.e. the water keeps leaking out.

There shouldn't be any agitation until *after* approx 5 mins of Eco Active recirculation plus the fill time to reach one of the five water levels.

Or, if you want to try the Perm Press cycle, Eco Active recirculation is skipped, Perm Press fills directly for an agitated wash.

The "Rinse" cycle as indicated by the lights on the panel consists of several different sequences of actions ... so again, you need to observe what the machine is and is not doing.

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thanks dadoes...I will do as you've advised & see what happens.

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