laundry room- kenmore stack washer dryer

scrubber12345November 22, 2010

bought this on craigslist,today. never had one before needed it for a small area. we cannot get the washer to turn on without the dryer on, seems strange. my impression is to pull the washer knob to engage washer only, but doesent seem to work that why. any instructions or did we get took.

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If this is the one piece unit you may have to call Sears. I had the same problem with my last new unit. Sears worked on it for hours before discovering a "loose connection" behind the control panel. Ours would fill but not agitate unless dryer was on. Then the service guy had it washing and drying but the dryer elements would not energize completely unless washer was on. He did finally get it working but I asked for a replacement unit. This will be the third one of these that I have used in my houses. When they work, they do a good job.

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