Electrolux Wave touch wash temps FYI

gates1November 11, 2010

Thank you for contacting Electrolux Major Appliances. Here are the Wash Cycles for our Electrolux Front Load Washer with Wave-Touch� Controls Featuring Perfect Steam�




Eco Hot


Eco Warm


Eco Cold

Our washers heater turns on for sanitize once the water fill is complete. The heater maintains a set temperarure of 152 degees Faherenheit. Our washer operates on automatic temperature controls. So if, our appliance senses hot water is needed it will be addred depending on the setting listed below:

ATC Cold---- Heater Turns on if the water temp drops below 65 degrees

ATC Warm--Heater Turns on if the water temp drops below 78 degrees

ATC HOT---Heater Turns on if the water temp drops below 120 degrees

ATC selection must be used for the heater to regulate normal water fill selections.

We hope this information is helpful. Our washer is to be used for household purposes.

Thank You,

Marion (Electrolux Major Appliances)

LEt me add here that The Customer service rep that I spoke today on the phone did not have all the answers to my questions. So he ask very politely if I could hold for a few minutes to research it. He came back less than 5 minutes later and told me that the man who had this information was out to lunch and he would speak to him ASAP and contact me. I asked him to email me the results which he did in a timely manner. Now that really impressed me as he kept his word and followed up on the inquiry.

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This is an interesting expansion upon the term "ATC"....which has always referred to the valves that regulate inflow from cold/hot water lines. Here they are using "ATC" to encompass use of the on-board heater as well.

This is new.

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I guess it gives you the option of not using the heater at all if you choose that option of non ATC water entering the machine.

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Not familiar with the machine, but found this interesting.

Also interesting that they consider "warm" to be 78F. That gap between their idea of "warm" at 78 and "hot" at 120 is huge.

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A member from automaticwasher.org extensively tested the new TOL Frigidaire washer and found that the hot water temp never exceeded 110F - even on Heaviest Soil.

Also, note how they say "the heater turns on below xy" but they don't say "the heater heats up to xy" - because it probably doesn't.

Not surprised about the 78F warm wash; how else would this machine be soo energy-efficient.

FWIW, the "Allergen" cycle has to heat to 131F - per NSF standards for allergen reduction.


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"I asked him to email me the results which he did in a timely manner. Now that really impressed me as he kept his word and followed up on the inquiry."

Well, that's nice. I had similar experience 5+ years ago with my Duet. Fine.

What annoys me is that a direct call should even be necessary. Why don't they print this stuff in the manual where it belongs? Why have the most basic of questions from any intelligent consumer become industry-wide secrets?

From other threads here over the years it is clear to me that almost nobody knows what their machines are doing temperature-wise on any particular cycle. The dissatisfaction among buyers of these new expensive machines is more than apparent. What people have, for generations, regarded as "cold", "warm", and "hot" have been redefined but the new definitions are kept secret unless you want to call directly and wait. What a crock!

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They avoid stating the temperatures because they want to be free to change them, to improve their energy score (MEF) as necessary to qualify for tax credits. The wide gap between warm and hot is because warm washes are heavily weighted when computing the MEF, so lowering the warm temperature makes the biggest difference in the score.

I'm most disappointed in the fact that Consumer Reports isn't on the consumers' side of this issue.

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Well they can change the temperature and just update the owners manual with it. I was seriously not impressed with Maytags responses, and yes long delays in email replies. I agree that the wash temps, heater usuage should be included in the manuals. Miele certainly does a great job of providing this information. Mieles have some of the highest wash temps in the industry which is a good thing. I personally do not care if the heater extends the cycle time as long as my clothes come out clean. If time is an issue, thats what the delay start is for, and I use use it extensively on my current washer as I do not like for wet clothes to sit in it any longer than 30 minutes, especially in the hot humid summers here. Miele seems to be the only manufacture that offers the kind of wash temperatures I am looking for in a FL machine. I just wonder if it makes that big of a difference

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I understand the reasons. I just resent the clearly deliberate obfuscation. People aren't allowed to know what they're buying. They're not allowed to consider the differences and make an informed decision. I see it as the stinking side of societal engineering.

I also agree CR is part of the "conspiracy" if that's what it may be called. They don't disclose water quality or temps or dosages in their testing either. Same with their DW testing. Very annoying.

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I can imagine how stinky machines are going to get in the future if no one can actually wash warm or hot.

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