New fan cannot use double wall switches

susanelewisOctober 3, 2010

I researched this fan quite extensively but I was misled by an online retailer (can we use names here?) who said that the MinkaAire Concept II could use my dual wall switches. Well, it is not true. It can only be wired to one wall switch and the remote dims the lights and adjusts the fan speed/reverses blade rotation. There is no way to separate the fan from the light as I did with the previous fan that had two separate pieces. Logic dictates that the wall switch on the new fan actually talks through the receiver in the fan which controls both functions.

It is maddening that online sites so easily give out the wrong information. Now I have a non-functional switch. My husband suggested using the switch to control a wall sconce which is a great idea. However, I want to replace other fans (as they die) with integrated light fans (no more noisy light kits, please) and wonder if they all work this way.

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They do not all work that way.

If I'm not mistaken you can bypass the receiver on that fan and use your dual light/fan switch.

If you don't use the handheld remote a physical switch is much more responsive, and there are no batteries to worry about.

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My husband said you could bypass the receiver if he tore into the fan, but then there would be no way to change fan speeds/dim the lights or reverse the blades. There are no exterior switches/pulls actually on the fan.

You are so right about the responsiveness. My son uses the wall switch to turn on the fan/light initially. There is definitely a delay but it's not substantial. I guess I'll have to do my homework more next time.

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