Dryer lint

havin_aballNovember 8, 2011

We live in a condo and our Thin Twin dryer duct was cleaned out, twice, by "blowing" it with a leaf blower-type system. The duct was clean/clear. Upon further inspection, a handfull of lint was found inside the framework - below the tumbler. From where did this lint come? Is it possible that the force of the blower pushed lint to the interior? And, if so, is this dangerous?

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I think all clothes dryers are going to accumulate some lint in the base of the drying cabinet. It is just the nature of the beast.

Regular maintenance should be performed to keep the interior area of the dryer free of excess lint.

Many owners believe their laundry equipment to be completely maintenance free which is simply not true.


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Dryer lint is extremely flammable. Our Whirlpool dryer's manual states that every three years the cabinet should be removed and the insides of the dryer vacuumed out. At this time you should also clean your dryer vent.
We live in a house with the laundry room in the center of the house. The dryer vent goes straight up through the roof, about 25 feet or so. We have the chimney sweep clean it every other year as he does the fireplace.
A clean dryer will dry clothing much faster than one that has not been cleaned. And dryer fires account for so many home fires every year.

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On my Whirlpool Duet dryer I took the front lower panel off mine and there was like a good inch of lint evenly across the bottom of the inside.......I got the vacuum and carefully vacuumed all of it up. I hadn't done this in years

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I just got through replacing the entire dryer vent which was originally that cheap plastic hose with the wire, the usual dryer vent.
I replaced it with solid aluminum tubing, the type you put together yourself, comes in 2' and 5' sections.
Every piece is solid tubing so the air flow is WAY better and there is zero danger of it ripping. I taped it with good metal tape.
It can also be cleaned every few years much easier and being smooth on the inside and far better air flow less lint accumulates in the first place.
Cost me about $60 total to do it myself and I had to do about 30' of it hanging from the floor supports under the house to vent out the back.
Fortunately under our house is between 9' to 4 1/2' tall so is easy to get to.

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