where to find?

shakalakaOctober 23, 2010

Anyone know where to find lights such as these


or these?


I've found some similar to the second but they don't have that slender, curvy look. Either light could be in silver or dark.


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Sorry this doesn't directly answer your question, rather it's a comment.

The fixtures you provide both direct and indirect light - a real advantage in task areas (as I point out in other posts here). They are stylish, though I'm not sure they say "traditional" to me.

However, just so you know, the small lamps they require will considerably increase their overall operating costs. Those lamps have relatively short lives, tend to be somewhat costly to replace, and are low in efficiency (efficacy - light output per watt of electricity).

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This one is very similar to the first one

Here is a link that might be useful: Thomas Forecast

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ÃÂ Home > Robert Abbey >

ÃÂ Lafayette Clear Pendent by Robert Abbey 806
For the 2nd one.

Hope this helps

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I really love the first lights you linked. Did you ever find them?

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I haven't checked in here in awhile. Thanks for the comments, good stuff to think about. I also heard several people say dust was a problem with lights like these, which makes sense. I decided to go in a different direction. I got some great green pendants and I think I'm going with white drum shades for above the table (which I may not love dust sticking to all the time either).

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