Fave site for recessed-LED education?

cinnamonsworldSeptember 5, 2010

As part of a remodel we'd like to consider both re-outfitting existing recessed lighting (incandescent, I think) with LED, and maybe adding a couple more recessed lights. We'd like them to be dimmable.

Where is a good place to go to walk through what the possibilities are regarding that with LEDs, and what you need to have done? (It's a bit of a maze as to what is most easily retrofittable, and what adding LED cans requires of your electric wiring configuration.)

I'd like to read up in advance of asking an electrician to do this for us ... although even finding an electrician who's up on the latest in that fast-evolving LED field, at a decent cost, sounds like it might be a challenge.

One point I wasn't clear on after pawing through a lot of pages about recessed lights ... are there any *useful* LED options out there that actually just screw right into your existing incandescent recessed-light housings? Or that otherwise are easy for a homeowner to do w/regard to the recessed lights without technically (or per building code) needing to call an electrician?

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You might want to look up the Cree web site and google title 24.

There are screw in lights for 4 & 6 inch recessed cans. The most cost effective are cr6 lights sold under the ecostar home depot house brand.

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Here's a site with a good info page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Polar Ray LED Guide

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You may like the Lithonia Reality LED lights. They are the best bang for the buck in the LED recessed market that I am aware of.

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