Confused About Sink Cabinet Sizes and Layout

dljmthJanuary 9, 2012

Ok, I'm really confused about the cabinet size requirements for sinks. I have a prep sink on the island. I would like a large one - maybe inside dimension of 21" (?) - That is what we have now as our only kitchen sink and it seems like a good size. Maybe I could go a little smaller since it is a prep sink. I'm assuming that would require a 24" cabinet. Is that correct?

Now for the main sink. I only want a single sink. But I would like it a little larger than the current one I have. How large would you go and what is the correct cabinet size? Would I just go up 6" so would require a 30" cabinet? Is that enough space? Right now I have it at 36"

One thing I am trying to do is make sure the sink is in the correct position and the right size. There are two windows anchored above cabinet H. The windows can be either 24" or 36". Can someone help verify the right cabinet layout and window size? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

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If you can, I would get at least a 33" cab, 36" is even better. You will have a lot more options for sinks, especially if you want undermount. I have a small galley and we had a drop in sink in a 30" cab. Had I known the undermount options for a single bowl would be so limited for a 30" cab, I would have gone to a 33" cab...didn't even occur to me and cabinet guy didnt mention it either.

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I would identify the sink you want before ordering your cabinets. There seems to be a big hole in the mid range of sink sizes... very few in the 30" sink base size - most of the good sized ones require a 36" sink base.

Elkay's website is kind in the regard that they clearly state what size sink base you need vs. making you figure it out on your own or search through specs. Generally you need an inch and a half on the sides for clips under a granite countertop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elkay

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Got it. Thank you, thank you! I think I will have to pick the sink first. At first glance, it doesn't seem like there is much in mid-range size but I will do some digging. My guess is that I will wind up going with a 36" base cabinet and maybe do some under counter small garbage can.

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i just installed a blnaco 441024 sink in a 30" base. fits fine and its pretty big

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One place I did a ton of sink research is faucetdirect dot com. The filter feature let's you sort for a variety of factors, including width, depending on what's important to you. If you haven't checked out silgranit sinks, I highly recommend them.

And on the windows, go as big as you can get. The more light the better. Remember some of the window width gets eaten up by the frame so your actual glass area will be less than you think.

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I agree. I think larger windows are preferable. Here's a picture of the model. Right now you see 2-24" windows on that back wall. Those will change to 36" to match the width of the upper awning windows. I just posted another question about the overall layout given no upper cabinets. We are getting very close. Thank you!

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