4 inch recessed over sink area

MarcusSSeptember 16, 2011

Hi folks, I'm putting 4 in. recessed fish/eye can lights over my sink. There is a stretch six feet wide and 11 inches deep (between cabinets) above my sink/countertops into which I'm putting 4 inch can lights. That section juts down about a foot from the 8.5 foot ceiling - so about 7.5 feet high...

My googling indicates that three lights in that space might look busy (even 4 inchers at 40 watts incandescent each?)

On the other hand, going with two splits the difference and leaves no light directly over the sink. My googling indicates that a can light centered right over the sink is common for most planners.

Which "rule of thumb" is more important, proper spacing, or getting a light right over center of the sink?

Thoughts appreciated!, Thanks.

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Getting proper lighting over the sink is more important than proper spacing imo.

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