MinkeAire Concept II or Casablanca Isotope ceiling fan for bdrm?

susanelewisSeptember 18, 2010

The ceiling fan in my son's bedroom just quit working after making a noise. It is 15 years old so I guess I'm not too surprised and it ran non-stop for most of that time. So I'm looking to upgrade it to a one-piece unit.

We have a Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan in our great room that we love so we came across the Isotope that caught our eye. Love the design! However it hangs down a bit further than we wanted and it is only 44"...the current fan is 48". It also has a low CFM rating and that caused me concern.

I talked to an online company that was very helpful and they steered me to the MinkaAire Concept II fan. At first I was turned off by only 3 blades, but the reviews and CFM ratings made a believer out of me that this baby moves air! However, I'm less thrilled by the design and I have no experience with Minka fans.

Does anyone have either of these fans?

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I have dealt with both and would recommend the Minka Concept II. Coupon code GRAND is working for 10% off this fan right now.

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We have 4 minka aire fans and I LOVE them. One is in the family room, about 10 years old (can't find the style; they might not make it anymore). We also have 3 Concept II's, about 3-5 years old: a bronze finish one in our master br, and 2 white ones in our kids' bedrooms. They are silent, perfectly balanced and definitely move air. I also love their stylish look.

My husband installed all of them. The only other ceiling fan we've ever had was (I think) a hunter from Home Depot. It came with the little balancing clips for the blades and wobbled with and without them. These fans are a DREAM in comparison. I wouldn't hesitate.

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bella, we ended up with the MinkaAire Concept II and my son loves it because on high it's like a hurricane in his room and the sound of the air movement is like white noise to help him sleep. The only thing that we didn't like was that it could not be wired to a duplex switch that used to control the previous fan and the light separately. This unit with an integrated light has to go to one switch.

Otherwise, he is loving the ease of use and the install was incredibly easy. I won't ever buy a separate light/fan again because of the rattle that eventually happens.

Thanks for the confirmation.

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