Family / TV Room Recessed Lighting

BruceBizSeptember 4, 2012

I'm remodeling a family room primarily used for watching TV. I've seen a number of reccomended lighting layouts on this forum but my primary concern is.....a duct "chase" that runs along the ceiling for the floor above. (I've attached a layout) If I center the cans between the wall and the chase it brings the can on that chaseside of the room 4'6" from the wall and I'm concerned the area beneath the chase will be dark. If I move the can closer to the chase, I'm afraid the depth of the chase will block the light pattern and I will still have a dark spot ??

I was going to use 6 cans, 50watt Par30, Is this adequate ? or should I shift the layout so I can add two more smaller cans as accent lighting on the TV / Cabinet wall ? (eight larger cans seemed to be too many)

Any suggestions would be geatly appreciated. I've already learned a great deal from this forum and the people who readily share their knowledge deserve a big Thank-you !


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My Layout didN't go through the first time, Sorry

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Recessed lighting
If you use Cree CR 4/ 6 lamps, you will have a better light spread than the PAR lights.

If you're making holes in the ceiling, you would have the opportunity to investigate either relocating/ resizing the duct.

Cove lighting
Alternatively, the drop down could be used for cove lighting. The other side would also have to have a similar drop down. The problem would be a low height under the drop down ceiling sections.

Wall washing strip lighting under the chase + recessed lights.

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Thanks David,I hadn't really considered LED but after your suggestion It seems that would be the wisest choice. But I do have a couple of questions,I'm assuming the CR 4/6 you mention is either a 4" or 6" ? If so, is the layout I've drawn suitable for either one and which would be the best to use ? From a watt perspective what are they comparable to? It appears I could use any typical can to put them in ? The existing ceiling will be coming down so roughing in won't be a problem. The chase I mntioned however has to stay pretty much the way it is.
Sorry for all the questions but the LED concept is new to me and the website assumes you alreay know what your looking for. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,

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The CR4 is intended for 4" recessed housing and the CR6 for 6" cans. The lights are designed to fit into standard depth cans.

The CR4 and 6 have the same nominal output rating of 575 lumens. They do outperform 50 - 75 W BR and PAR lamps in many ways - output, light spread and longevity.

Compared with a Lights of America 23 W CFL bulb, the output is higher even though the CFL bulb protrudes by ~ 0.5", there is no warm up period and no premature failures (ie - within a year)

There is a long running discussion on LED recessed lighting which started for kitchens, but is really applicable in many more places.


Here is a link that might be useful: LED recessed lighting guide

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Thanks very much, especially for the link to a previous posting. There is really alot of helpful info there. Thanks again.

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I've been doing some more digging on this site and I feel like I'm starting to make some headway, but I do have a couple more questions.

1) I realize a recommendation of 35 lumens per sq.ft. is for a kitchen, and I realize a family room would not require that level, but what would a suitable level be? If I use the 35 as a "rough guide" my 18' X 11'6" family room would need 12.60 cans (if a CR6 is 575 lumens)When I look at my ceiling it seemed like 8 cans would be too many.... Am I overlooking something here or do I need 12 lights?

2) A lot of people here say the LED output exceeds incandescent output but I believe I saw nother post that said the lumens on a Par 30 - 50 or 60 watt was 600 lumens and the CR6 is 575 lumens. Again, am I missing something ?

3) If I have to use more than 6 or 8 cans, and the Lumen rating on the CR4 is the same as the CR6, can I get away with using the CR4s instead? It would be a more pleasing look.

One last question if I can please. I saw post saying the CR6 had a pleasant "tone" at full brightness but when dimmed it was rather cold and flourescent looking. Is this typical or is the wrong dimmer being used ?

Once again, Thank you David, I'll try not to bother you anymore.

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1. For other areas, 20 lumens per sq ft would suffice. In your case, the total number works out to 7.2 cans (round up to 8). You could experiment with wall washing strips, sconces for the area under the chase and perhaps cut the number of lamps from 8 to 6.

2. The nominal rating for the CREE lights is 575 lumens. The main difference between a PAR lamp and the CR series is that the former utilizes a parabolic reflector resulting in a narrow cone of light. The CR series has a much wider spread of light and the LEDs are all facing outwards, so you get more effective output than a bulb in a can or a PAR / BR reflector bulb.

As a side note, there is a higher output version of the CR6. The LR 6 series has a rated output of 650 - 1000 lumens.

3. Yes, you could try using CR4s.

4. That is to be expected at very low levels (

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This helps clarify a lot and I'll probably stay with the CR6. At least now I feel comfortable moving forward and I'll continue to utilize the info on this site.

Thanks again for all of your advice and help!

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