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queensinfoSeptember 28, 2011

I thought i posted this earlier but now can't find it. I am trying to decide how to light a closet which is 11.5 ft long and approx 34" deep. There are 2-4' openings with french doors with abotu 1' of wall on each side and between the sets of doors. I was thinking of using a single or double light 4' T5 flourescent fixture over each door.

Will that work? Is a single bulb enough? (the double seemed pretty bright. I had seen fixtures at home depot just trying to get ideas.

i have a halogen track light in my old apt and it is great but i am worried about heat if the light is left on since the closet in the new place is much more shallow (old closet is ~5 ft deep).

anything else i am not thinking of?

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A single t5 is more than adequate to light a small area like your closet assuming minimal obstructions.

The placement of the light and existing shelving could work against the t5 light though - shadows.

Then, you might want to consider the type of t5 tubes used.

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