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beekeeperswifeJanuary 30, 2013

As some of you know I have recently started a business. Things haven't taken off yet. I have received one inquiry as to where my stools were from, and another who was applying for a job. But the best email came today. I thought these emails only came from when trying to sell something on Craigslist.

From: Adnon Khoshaggy
Subject: Business Opportunity

(My Name Was Here)

Having been made aware of your ability to create a fresh perspective for modern rooms, I have some modest apartments that I would like to have you refurbish. Please verify that you are available to travel, that you have a business remit to operate in Monaco, and are comfortable dealing on a purely cash basis.
Please honour my request for confidentiality. Once we establish that a mutual interest is present, my agents can negotiate your fees and arrange passage for you to the building site.

My husband says I should go. lol My husband looked at it and said, isn't that the name of (insert long pause here). I said well, sort of, he spells it differently! And I'm pretty sure his email wouldn't have the word Snoopy in it!! hah

Oh, a girl can dream that a client will come along some day...

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Oh I love it. Go, I say, go! Maybe bring NCIS along for the trip to the job site but other than that, I find no fault!

I for one have been following your pinterest posts with interest. (I figured out how to unfollow everything else I was signed up for, so truly, you are the only thing I do follow!). You have such a great eye for design. Occasionally I toy with the idea of hiring a KD for help with my kitchen sink wall design (and properly finishing the DIY elements in our kitchen) and you and mamadadapaige (who's local) always come to mind. Word of mouth will take you far, I am sure. You know we're all ready to give you the best of references should you ever need one. Best, oldbat2be

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This makes my day.
Go for it. You and Adnon are meant for each other.
Thanks for sharing.
Don't we live in a marvelous age? What frontiers await us.

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Come on, you have to play with this guy a little bit! Tell him he lucked out because recently you did some business with a very nice Nigerian gentleman and have come into a large amount of cash AND you are willing to purchase and ship all the materials for the "refurbish" before you head out to Monaco.

We dare you to mess with this guy!!

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Tell him you need a small retainer, which you will withdraw once he supplies his bank account information.

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Just ask him to click on a link where he gives his SS number, bank account info, passwords etc. He won't mind since he's so looking forward to your beautiful designs for his projects!

You're poised for great things Bee, these "phishers" are just par for the course. You're very talented and clients with taste and vision will find you. Hang in there and always keep your sense of humor!

Greatness takes time and talent. You have the talent, it will happen! Good luck.

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I would love to play, but I'm hesitant that it would just be confirming the email address for his network of nutsos.

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How did he get the email address to begin with ? If it is by clicking a form and he never was able to see the email address, you could set up a "throwaway" account to respond to him from. That way if it gets on the spam lists, you will know who did it !! Plus, you won't mind shutting down that account.

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Is everyone out to get us these days??? We live in scary times...

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be patient, Bee; one project will lead to another, I'm crossing my fingers you'll get the one project that will be the stepping stone to many more !!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Why bee...that was me! I just wanted to know if you were available to redesign my mansion in Monaco....I don't use it often...just when I'm there to dine with the prince...

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WOW You are in great company!

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Monaco is so last century ... your design talent would be wasted among all the gilt and brocade! I would turn him down. After all, you have to build a portfolio!

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Adnon Khoshaggy ? or Adnan Khashoggi ?

Please reply to him ! I am dying to see if he responds back. I am having trouble figuring out what the hook is though.

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Hm, you're right. While it's tempting to play along, I'd hesitate to respond with my regular email. I'm assuming that he contacted you via CL and doesn't have your personal contact information. Of course, you could open a gmail account to correspond exclusively with him.

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Being the antique chicken that I am, I would probably not respond......however it is SO tempting to tell him to send a $100,000 retainer, and you will gladly refund any unused amount. You could set it up through the State Department, and BUST these guys!!
We just heard from the daughter of our former neighbor, someone in Australia is now in possession of HIS life savings, and they want to sell his property to the neighbors who bought ours. SAD....


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He contacted me through my website...

I'm considering telling him I only deal in gold, not cash.

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Yeah, and you'll need a BIG PO Box for it!!

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You know, you should be able to see what his IP address is. Then look it up and you can see where he's located.

Looks like this and should be at the bottom of the email he sent you:
IP addresses consist of four numbers separated by periods (also called a 'dotted-quad') and look something like

The strange thing is that nothing like this text comes up when googling. It sounds quite personalized. Are you sure it couldn't be from a friend or relative who's trying to invite you to Monaco for Valentine's Day?

Here is a link that might be useful: IP address

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bee- I like that " I only deal in gold,". LOL!

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Your husband says you should go? What? Is he trying to get rid of you? LOL!
Think you need to do a LOT more investigating before you even consider it.

Cash only? Please honour my request for confidentiality? What's all that about? Suspicious. But if legit, didn't you already blow that request for confidentiality by posting the name and email on this public site?!!

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Have you googled the email address?

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