Advice for bathroom vanity lighting fixtures for small office?

smiles33September 1, 2012

Hello! I know many here are mostly choosing lighting options for home, but I really respect gardenweb experts and thought I'd ask here for advice about new lighting fixtures in my husband's office complex.

He owns a small business and it was last decorated in the 1980s (e.g., ugly fluorescent lighting). There are 2 over-the-mirror lighting fixtures I'd like to replace as part of a larger "refreshing" effort. We are hoping to avoid any major electrical/plumbing work so I'm not going to get the side-of-the-mirror fixtures which I know cast better light.

One of the fixtures is in an alcove and will be on at least 8-9 hours/day while the other one is likely only going to be turned on when someone enters the bathroom. They are adjacent to one another so I figured it might make sense to just get 2 identical fixtures, but maybe it's worth spending a little more on the one that will be on the entire time?

We are on a budget, so I'm hoping to keep the total cost of 2 fixtures between $200-$300. Yet we also want these to last for at least 10 years, at which time he plans to do a major remodel. So please tell me if you think this is unreasonable.

When I started looking at some websites for options, I found plenty of halogen bulb models but I've read here already that those can get hot and use a lot of energy. I looked at, Amazon, bellacor, etc. I immediately ruled out the traditional styles, as I don't think they look "professional" enough in an office setting. Contemporary seems to make more sense but I'm just not sure what I should be prioritizing when reviewing all these options.

Any and all advice would be much appreciated!

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Please post a photo of the space and I'm sure a lot of people will weigh in.

In that price range, Home Depot has lots of vanity lights in the $75 - 150 range(e.g. 3 or 4 lights ones like this give LOTS of light) -

Good luck - a photo of the space would be really helpful!

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Thanks for the reply. When I saw no one initially respond, I went ahead and just bought these off bellacor.

1) Kichler Lege Brushed Nickel Three Light fixture (it was on clearance for $109 but is back up to $218) for the narrow alcove.

The Canarm Lyndi Brushed Nickel Four-Light Vanity Light for the bathroom (also $109). I decided to go with a wider fixture since the bathroom is bigger. The 3 light fixture just seemed too narrow at 23" wide (compared to 30" for this 4 light one).

And this Designers Fountain Brushed Nickel Flush Mount with Milk Acrylic Lens ($68 on clearance) for the overhead light in the bathroom:

I figured the brushed nickel/contemporary look would work and made sure the bulbs weren't halogen (the overhead one is a T9 fluorescent bulb).

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Oh, those are great - they look very nice together and I'm sure will really enhance the room!

Congrats on such good prices, too!

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