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bert76November 30, 2011

After struggling for six years with a GE FL that is now on its last legs, I've decided to go back to a basic top loader. After much research, I've settled on the Speed Queen, based mostly on its simplicity but also that I didn't find much negative about it.

Which model did you get? I'm leaning toward to the AWN432 since it's two-speed and has the extra rinse switch (my kids have sensitive skin).

Were you able to get a deal? There are only a couple of dealers in my area, and the lowest price I found was $649.

Any with a second-floor installation? With my GE, it's hard to know if it's the bearings or an unstable floor or a combo of both that causes the super loud spinning. My kids can't sleep down the hall if the washer is going. And with the looooong cycle times, it's hard to plan the day with naps and laundry.

Any regrets?


Bert (mom of four messy kids)

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I recently bought the Speed Queen front load washer & dryer set in August. I can't say much about the top loader, but quality, overall weight and durabilty will jump out at you from day one. I had a Kenmore HET-3 front loader for 6 years, prior to this purchase.

I bought my set directly from the Speed Queen distributor in my state - instead of the stores. They had an unused dryer marked down at a clearance price, that the original laundry buyer decided not to buy. With my savings, I was able to buy the front loader and pedestals.

I like the fact that this washer does not waste 30 minutes trying to decide when it is going into spin mode. The entire wash cycle is done in under 45 minutes every time. My installation is on a first floor with tile over wooden floors.

No negatives that I can see yet. I expect it to last at least 12 years. We have 2 teenagers.

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Ive heard good things about spwws queen washers, both TL, and FL. They only thing I dont like about the FL, is that it is not available with a internal heater in it, so you never get a true hot wash. By the time the hot water gets in the drum, the clothes and drum will cool it off to a warm at best, maybe even cool in the winter months. This is true of any FL that doesnt have the heater, no matter what make or brand it is.

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I purchased the AWN432 two years ago for a veterinary clinic. I didn't want a FL, I wanted a washer that could handle a lot of abuse like: overloading, incorrect wash load settings, hard well water, lots of animal fur, cat litter, poop, bloody surgical drapes, comforters and towels. They balked at the price and I didn't want to replace another washer in 1 1/2 years. Needless to say, this machine is a work horse! Everyone loves it and the owner is amazed that it doesn't walk across the floor, flood the storage room and the drum doesn't bang around when it is overloaded. The best part, the laundry comes out clean and sanitary. In the long run, it has saved them $ not having to replace another cheap, useless washer.

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Speed Queen must have discontinued the model that had the heater in their front loader. A few years back, I was researching the front loaders and on their website I saw a "rear-control" that featured a heater. I guess it was due to saving energy.

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