Miele 4840 leak...

hutchlakeNovember 14, 2012

I am getting a leak that comes from front of machine. Not door or door seal....machine sits on pull out drawer, the leak comes down thru bottom of machine(front) and drips into drawer. It's not a ton of water but a decent drip...it gets a towel wet. Any suggestions? I have not pulled the front cover off yet...waiting to see if anyone can help me out



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I believe someone else here encountered this recently and found it to be a tear in the door seal. Also, there are door seal alignment marks on the chassis and the seal. When I took the front off mine the seal marks were out of alignment; easy to adjust and something to be cognizant of when replacing the seal should this be the problem.

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451...thank you for responding...I took that spring clip off and inspected the boot...found a small hole near where latch is...now I need to track down a new boot and figure out how that works....ha

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Take a look at this thread: Miele W4840 rubber seal leaking problem

People here have the service manual for your washer if you don't have it. Taking the front off your washer is not all that hard.

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