Has Miele discontinued vented dryers???

nutherokie_gwNovember 15, 2013

I've had my Miele washer and dryer about a month. I was just now pulling up AJ Madison's site to research freezers and used the link I'd saved to the Miele dryer page. I was shocked to see it was listed as "discontinued." I then went to the Miele site and sure enough, it showed the vented dryers as "retired." What???? One of the things that swayed me to the Miele was the fact that I'd read Bosch was discontinuing its vented dryers and I didn't want to be left with a machine that was no longer supported.

Does anybody know what's going on?

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Maybe Miele is in between models for North America? In Germany they have introduced the W1 Washer and T1 Dryer (condenser): New Miele W1 & T1

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Vented and traditional condenser dryers and being discontinued by many European manufacturers. This is at least the situation in Europe and is - surprise, surprise - because of tighter energy regulations (just like in the US). Heat pump dryers use much less energy and this is what manufacturers are focusing on. Countries like Switzerland have already banned conventional dryers in 2012 - only heat pump models are allowed to be on sale. Miele Germany currently has one vented and six conventional electric dryers on its home page... but eleven heat pump models. Bosch is about the same.

Just did some reading in the German forum while writing my reply and read that Miele will only produce heat pump dryers as of January next year.


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This sounds like a great advancement. Unfortunately I just bought a vented Miele dryer this past summer. Oh well.

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Wow, Fahrenheit 451, those new machines look amazing. Too bad I was desperate and couldn't wait.

I appreciate the insights on new dryer technology, Whirlpool Trainee. I'm just a little stunned that this would come to pass immediately upon my purchasing the old technology! Just like when I invested so heavily in dirigibles and button hooks.

Guess we're in the same boat, Enduring! Here's hoping our new dryers have a long and trouble free future. I'm really liking my machines. You?

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Yes Nutherokie, I am liking mine too! I still have to get the cabinets installed around my set to really make them part of the room. I am using the washer and dryer all the time. I feel so grateful that I was able to get these machines.

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I'm in the same boat. I bought my pair in February and 3 months later there were new models.

The nice thing about Miele is that they will still support. I'm about to buy the longest warranty possible.

I feel the way enduring does about mine, especially when I wash sweaters and they come out like new.

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I suggested to my husband that I might have steered us wrong and caused us to purchase what may be a disappearing technology. He looked at me like I was crazy. He thinks we're very lucky to have nabbed such a great machine while they were still available!

Rococogurl, your cheat sheet has been invaluable to me as I've been learning how to use the washer! I really appreciate all the work you put into it.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to spring for the Miele extended warranties. The salesman actually told me he never recommends extended warranties for the Mieles because they're just so trouble free. It would be nice to have the peace of mind the warranties provide, but $500 is a lot for peace of mind!

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Don't worry about these new machines: they have only just launched in Germany and parts of Europe - who knows when they'll make to the US. Besides, the new series does have some issues, it seems. Several people, including me, have checked them out at the stores and built quality does not seem to compare to older generaltions like the W3000 units. Wobbly detergent dispenser, imprecise dials, plastic door... Miele said they redesigned every part but the feet - maybe they shouldn't have.The dryers actually fell nicer than the washers.

Heat pump dryers are increasingly popular in all of Europe, but they do have their trade-offs as well. There are several filters to clean and they take longer to complete a cycle.


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Several people, including me, have checked them out at the stores and built quality does not seem to compare to older generations...Hmmmm...that's not good. My wife and I are happy with our now defunct and aging W4840 and T9822. However, there are things I had to attend to such as applying white grease to the inner cover tubes of the washer's lower suspension as they were chafing and producing plastic debris, and many other little preventive measures/adjustments to both machines.

Hard to tell what we choose next, albeit Miele is on the short list. I do like how Samsung allows wireless uploading of firmware in their upper models of wash and dryer and that's important to me. Samsung could easily have the consumer market all sewn up with their ability to produce and change at a moment's notice, plus their almost unlimited resources; Miele is a niche market.

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mielefan89 on YouTube has some video of the new washer. His first unit had broken shocks and was replaced, after customer service tried to fix everything, by Miele.

I think you'll like the new way it rinses on the QuickPowerWash cycle.

Here is a link that might be useful: More of his videos

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Impressive cycle! Thanks for posting the link(s).


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Where did you hear Bosch is discontinuing vented dryers? They still have one on their website, although I see that their more recently introduced models are condensation-only. Miele still has two or three vented dryers on their website as well.

Discontinuing vented dryers will not go over well in the US in my opinion, given that most Americans that have laundry machines in their home have an outside vent already installed; only some condo dwellers are likely to need a ventless dryer. The reviews from condensation dryer owners seem to indicate that they are noisier, take longer and/or don't dry as completely, and require more maintenence related to cleaning the condenser coils. IOW, they're not recommended unless you can't install outdoor venting.

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Hi Lee676,

I think I read on this forum that Bosch was moving to discontinue vented dryers. But I was reading everything I could find at the time, so I may have come across that somewhere else. Take it with a grain of salt.

If you go to Miele's website and click on the standard vented dryers (T8003 and T8005, I think) they are listed as "retired" and customers are advised to check dealers for any remaining stock. They are still making the professional "Little Giant" vented dryer, but if I recall correctly, it's over $3000 for the dryer alone. It looks wonderful, but is way out of my comfort zone.

I agree it will be frustrating if the already limited choices for compact European-style machines are reduced even further. I guess the American market for them is just too small to warrant special attention.

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Oops. Meant to add that it could very well be as Fahrenheit 451 suggested and Miele is just between models on vented dryers. I hope that is the case.

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As long as the Miele and Asko 240v washers stay available I'll be satisfied. They can always be paired with a GE, Samsung, or LG 24" vented dryer if those companies keep making them. It will be more of a hassle to stack them or to power them up as you won't have the washer-plugs-into-dryer option. Or will tightening laws force those off the market too?

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There was a new standard that went into effect earlier this year.

Excerpt from Appliance Magazine:
"Recently, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) issued an amended version of the safety standard for listing of electric clothes dryers��"UL 2158 Electric Clothes Dryers.1 This new version of the standard includes aggressive fire tests that all clothes dryers will have to successfully pass by March 20, 2013 to receive the UL listing. This article discusses one interpretation of the rationale behind the new tests, the challenges that these tests pose to the safe design of clothes dryers, and suggested approaches to meeting the design challenges. "

It's been my understanding that many of the manufacturers have had difficulty getting a vented dryer to pass the new tough standards of being able to contain a fire for 7 hours.
The reason you still see vented dryers for sale is that many of the manufacturers ran their factories at full tilt before the March deadline to build up a stock of dryers to sell that was built before March 2013.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Dryer Standard

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Back in February before I purchased my new w/d I was considering Bosch as I had a pair in our apartment and I liked it a lot. But for our house I needed a vented dryer and the appliance sales person told me the Bosch vented dryers were being discontinued. So I went with the Miele pair and while was very expensive it has completely exceeded my expectations. IMHO it's the best of the front loaders by far though the Bosch is also very good.

Re the Bosch condenser dryer. It dried everything very well. It was my first condenser experience -- I've always had vented. No difference except that it got very hot and the door to the laundry closet had to be left open. The only con I could name would be the need to clean the condenser filter regularly, not an easy job, and I wished the machine turned itself off completely (though the Miele doesn't either).

I was told also -- knowledgeable appliance store person -- that the Bosch marketing was towards apartments and homes where vented wasn't required. Small spaces.

Seems to me that, energy requirements apart, that's a natural market for Euro front loaders. Presumably, American families want larger machines. We're just two and the space-saving aspects of having them under counter is superb.

nuthernokie -- glad the cheat sheet is working for you. We updated it recently btw with more notes. I'm just sorry it's buried in a post with a different name and doesn't have one of its own (which I can't ethically do) so it could be found more easily.

This post was edited by rococogurl on Tue, Nov 19, 13 at 14:43

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Rococogurl Is this the latest version of the cheat sheet? In this thread you have a link to an article with an instruction table.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Washer -- What's closest to a Miele?

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Yes, enduring this is the current one. Tina enhanced it with her comments. It's the one I have pinned up in my laundry room.

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Thanks rococogurl, thats good to know. I use it exclusively to plan my loads of laundry.

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Thanks, Rococogurl! Found it! Odd that Miele offers so little practical guidance regarding its washing machine. It's awfully generous of you to fill in the gaps.

By the way, I liked my Bosch set too. But the Mieles are much better.

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So do I go a head and purchase a miele vented dryer even though my renovation won't be done for months? We currently don't have a washer and dryer but as we are on the top floor of the brownstone we can vent....

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