Outdoor Wall Lights on Shingles Tilt Up.

michaelliSeptember 12, 2012


I am in the process of installing new outdoor wall lights on my house which has red cedar shingles with an 8 inch reveal. The builder installed the electical boxes right in the middle of a shingle course with no block. So the lights I am installing are tilted upward. What can I do to level them out? I was thinking about picking up some shingles and flipping them, cutting a hole for the box and nailing them....in effect making a cedar block out of them. Any ideas? Is there a better way?

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You may also need a box extension.

The front face of the box must be flush with a flammable surface and not covered by any part of it.

The hole needs to be at least as big as the box, but smaller than the lamp canopy.

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