The bread fair is tomorrow!

agmss15July 27, 2012

The locavore movement seems to have become very strong here in the years while I was away. A lot of new young farmers are around who are much more down to earth and business-like than the hippies I grew up around. As part of that people have gotten interested in reintroducing the idea of growing grains in central maine. And as an extension of that the kneading conference and bread fair have been going on for about 6 years. The kneading conference is something that is getting lots of people from afar. I'd like to do sometime but at $300 I haven't yet been able to justify it. One of the people central to the kneading conference has also bought the old jailhouse and has turned it into a gristmill. The local farmer's market is located there and now there is a cafe with local foods (run by my stepsister and her husband). All very cool - but the bread fair is really fun - lots of really really good breads and cheeses, supplies, woodfired ovens, baking supplies. Last year I had a real croissant and some aged cheeses! Amazing. King Arthur is one of the sponsors. Worth a visit!

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I knew I'd read an article on growing bread grains in New England again. Found it!

I'm off to check KA's website to see if there's any available here in New England yet (the article I've linked was written in 2010).

Thanks for the reminder to keep checking on their progress.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bread grain in New England

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Interesting article from King Arthur...


Here is a link that might be useful: KA on growing Maine/Vermont bread grains

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I got there late and didn't get to stay long. My very new very young puppy has proven to be an escape artist from crates - so I finally just brought him along. He was a hit. I got the last incredible almond croissant, sampled some very decadent cheeses, and got some herbs and a loaf of whole wheat sour dough.

As always there were a bunch of different kinds of wood fired ovens - from earth ovens to panydol's amazing (expensive) copper domes. They look like eastern orthodox churches. Scythes and other harvesting tools. More local grain and flour producers than in years past. Books and baking equipment. And the usual variety of vendors - including someone who weaves beautiful linen dish towels that I crave. I have never before obsessed on a dish towel.

I ran into the one of the owner's of the gristmill and founders of the kneading conference - she was exhausted but said the weekend was very successful. I can't express how amazing it is that this is going on in a small town in central Maine. In two weeks - same exact spot - ferris wheels, tractor pulls and fried dough. The State Fair!

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