$22-$24/lb good price for peaches?

tammyinwvJuly 20, 2012

We are in Myrtle beach, sc till Sunday AM. I plan on getting peaches to can tomorrow. I couldnt find anything locally any cheaper. Even walmart was .98/lb. This seems a little high.These prices are at the roadside stands


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Do you mean $22-$24 a bushel? That's what they go for here usually, about $12 a half bushel, $24 a bushel. There aren't any Michigan peaches this year, the entire crop got hit by a late frost, so I won't be canning any.


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Peaches north of Baltimore on the Pennsylvania Maryland line are $19 per half bushel. I don't know how many pounds that is, but they'll be packed in quart jars tomorrow!

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ooops. i meant per 25 lb basket

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Tammy, grab a taste and if they are as good as last years, grab them!!!!! And if you head a bit north there is a tomato/farm stand that lets you pick your own tomatoes for about $5/bushel. well worth it.

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Thanks pkramer. I know the ones we ate last yr were divine. So sweet and juicy. Tomatoes wont be a problem tho. I have several plants that should have ripe ones waiting when we return.

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Wow, $5.00 a bushel for tomatoes. I wish. I paid $4.99lb for Heirloom tomatoes yesterday. Two Black Krim tomatoes cost me $4.29.

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What are the size of the peaches y'all are talkin about?
'Round cheer the local peaches are about the size of
tennis balls. I 'member, back in the summer of 1970,
I bought some peaches from a street vendor, that were
the size of grapefruits. And they were so sweet, juicy
and delicious, (OMG). I have never again found such
peaches. Do they exist, or was that a dream that I had?

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I just bought a bushel today in SC for $44. they are about 10"-11" around. little smaller than a softball. And soooo sweet and delicious.

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Just to update this thread... Peaches have been selling for $5.00 a qt (5 peaches) at the farmers markets around here but there aren't many due to the early budding and late frost.

I got a call this morning from one of the orchards I stop at. They had a few from their own trees and could sell me some. I drove right over and got a 1/2 bushel. They were $30.00. These are Redhavens, a peach Michigan is known for and my favorite. I counted out 30 peaches and there is a little more than twice that in the bag yet, so I think I did quite well.

There will be peach pie, peach jam, canned peaches and fresh peaches for my morning cereal at this house.
On the drive home I got to thinking... it's nothing to spend $30.00 on a couple of good steaks, wouldn't even give it a thought. I'll get a lot of enjoyment from the peaches and probably sell a few jars of jam at the farmers market to pay for them. I'm happy! :)


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To me, fresh peaches should be like fresh tomatoes....
picked while still warm from the sun.................OMG!!!!
And, when you bite into them, the juice runs down
your chin, so much so, that you wish you had eaten them nekid, (be still my heart).
I guess I'm still working on childhood memories.
Maybe I should slap myself, and wake up.

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