LED Under Cabinet Lighting

traviswalkenSeptember 8, 2011

I am designing a kitchen remodel. I performed some research and heard good things about Inspired LED (inspiredled.com). I emailed my design to them and recieved the following pricing for a dimmable led system:

Items Included on Quote Quantity Unit Price Total

1 Light for 12" Cabinet = $14.00

1 21" Ultra Bright Flex = $20.00

2 ea 27" Ultra Bright Flex = $46.00

1 36" Ultra Bright Flex = $29.00

1 Interconnect Cable = $5.00

1 Dimmable Transformer = $60.00

4 ea custom Inwall Cable = $60.00

Total cost is $234 and does not include dimmer switch ($30+/-).

The plan is place the transformer in the unfinished basement below the switch and run inwall cable to 4 locations since the wall cabinets are in 4 locations.

Does this seem reasonable?


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Not sure.

I would do the following
1. Assume 200 lumens per ft (max output)
2. Do a mock up layout.
3. Count the number of strips required for each possible vendor.
4. Layout string to represent wiring from the transformer/ dimming power supply to each run of lights.
5. Measure the strings.
There are tables to help determine the wire gauge to use with each run given the total power draw - (line loss, power consumed by each type of led bar/ strip)
6. The total number of strips, lengths of wire will help determine the required capacity of the dimming power supply ( Add a 10% - 15% margin).

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traviswalken - have you ordered from them yet? Let me know what you think if you already got yours.

I got a similar quote too. I'm debating between the ultra flex strips and their LED panels/bars.


Here is a link that might be useful: Inspired LED

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