Circline Bulbs suck!!!!

jockewingSeptember 23, 2010

I just finally replaced my horrible "garage" style 4 light fluorescent fixture in my kitchen with a much more attractive circular fixture with brushed silver trim. The light takes a 40 w 16 inch and a 32 w 12 inch circline fluorescent bulbs. The light looks much better, but it puts out a paltry amount of light. I am so disappointed. I have searched on the web and cannot find circline bulbs in a warm color with a high cri. The lighting coming out of the fixture looks horrible and is so dim.

Is there someplace to buy GOOD circline bulbs or are there any attractive fluorescent fixtures that use t8 bulbs out there? I guess I could go with one of the "puff" lights or one of the lights that are wrapped with crown molding. Neither of those options really excite me, honestly. Any ideas?

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Have you checked out Osram's 30w Circline bulb? I don't what type of fixture you are working with, but this E26 base bulb has a CRI of 82 and a 3,000K color temperature, so it has pretty good color rendering and is pretty warm. I had one of these in a shed of mine once and I liked it. I think BulbAmerica has these and pretty cheap too.
Good luck!

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comparing t8 vs circline
I can definitely see why you feel the way you do. Perhaps you'd like the velegant.

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