Bathroom Mirror lighting with sidelights - Help Please

trinintybaySeptember 23, 2010

First walkthru on our new construction with electrician was yesterday and I told him I wanted side lighting (sconces) beside the bathroom mirrors. I thought this would give more light with less shadows. We also have 6" canned lighting in the bathrooms. I was placing them about the halfway point where the mirror would be and he told me he always puts them at 72". This is at the top of the mirror. He told me I should buy the down light sconces because the upright ones would light the ceiling not the mirror. Ok, I am really confused. Any help would be most appreciated. All bathroom mirrors will be oval and I also have one at a vanity.

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Are you sure he really understands you mean sconces? Everything he said sounds like it would refer to the traditional vanity light that goes top center of a mirror.

Go to and type bathrooom sconce or bathroom sconces in the search box and see what pics you get. (link to that search is below)

Then print out one of the pics you like and show it to him.

There are all sorts of heights of sconces in the search results and many if not most have the lights on so you can see the illumination. If you are *also* going to have cans overhead, I can't imagine there not being enough light.

Here is a link that might be useful: sconces

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Robern uplift/ candre sconces could work quite well. They are CFL sconces with translucent covers which provide quite a bit of ambient lighting.

There are a number of other options from other manufacturers you could explore.

Here is a link that might be useful: robern lighting

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Thank you both for your help. Cinnamonsworld, perfect to print a few pics to show him. And I love Houzz! Just popped over to the Robern lighting and that is a great site. Appreciate both of you. Electrician will be here Monday for a final look at the placement of his boxes before he runs the wires so the timing is perfect.

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I have 2 bathrooms recently done. I put them at 5'6". My eye level (I'm 5'10"). One bathroom is RH Modern, points up, the other is RH Bistro, points down.

No difference in what I see on my face. I think i'd vote for the "down" for dust reasons, but both are just fine for lighting.

If you don't find any pics, i'll post one tomorrow. Bedtime for me.

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