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maryjosNovember 15, 2012

So I have a Miele washer dryer set, a W1213/T1403

I really wanted to get pedestals in my new house for them, but my local dealer says they don't make them for that model anymore. Anyone know where I might have a chance to find them??

Also as I posted on the other Miele thread, I seem to have a LOT of problems with my clothes coming out at the end really wrinkled. I don't seem to have this problem with other larger US front load models and wondering if there is something I'm doing wrong, or need to do so that I don't have such a mess at the end. I'm talking just casual everyday wear clothes, there's no reason they should come out of the dryer looking like they've been sitting in there for days.

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What is the speed of the final spin in the washer? With some garments, the "Max" (in our W4842) leaves them too wrinkled by the time they get out of the dryer. Backing off the washer's final spin speed affects how some items come out of the dryer, in our laundry room.

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Pretty sure I've tried lowering it in the past, but I can try again once we're moved and see if it makes a difference. I wear mostly cotton and cotton blends, which should come out pretty wrinkle free. I can't remember though if lowering the speed left the clothes too wet.

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I have this exact problem! I am linking my thread below. The washer in my summer home does not do this but also doesn't clean clothes very well :)

I am not thrilled with my Miele but I am not convinced there is something better. My clothes are clean and seem to be treated gently by the Miele...

I have a different model...

Here is a link that might be useful: My wrinkly thread :)

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