High wattage dimmable CFL's (150W+ equivalent)

_brianSeptember 15, 2011

I am trying to brighten up my basement, and my next idea (now that we've painted the wood paneling white) is to replace the 100W standard bulbs with high wattage dimmable CFL's. The current ceiling fixtures state a maximum of 100W, so that's why we can't just go with a 150W standard bulb. I've looked online and found 150W equivalent CFL's, but they aren't dimmable. We already have dimmers, so I'd like to get dimmable CFL's. Does anybody have any suggestions for where to find reasonably priced high wattage dimmable CFL's?

Our basement ceiling has drop ceiling-type tiles, but they're actually stapled to the joists, and the old homeowners didn't leave any spares, so adding more ceiling lights is not an option.


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Look at the actual lumen output, not the claimed "equivalent."

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If you're willing to wait a few months, there would be more affordable led bulbs that output more than 1000 lumens.

Dimmable cfls do not dim like incandescents. Led lights will dim better than cfls. However, not all dimmers are usable for various reasons such as the load being too small.

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There are no high wattage CFLs which are dimmable.

I would try a 75W or 100W R40 halogen if the fixture will permit it.

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I wish stupid GE still made their Miser 120 watt R40 floods(but they insist on joining up with the government to try to force us to buy CFLs). Those Misers put out more lumens than standard 120 watt bulbs and, of course, were fully dimmable. If you can find some somewhere, they would be perfect.

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You will not like any 'dimmable CFL.'

It is nothing like dimming an incandescent bulb.

The actual dimming range is very small.

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