Help with LED under cabinet light choice

dreamojeanSeptember 18, 2013

So I have decided that I need LED under cabinet lights with dimmers on each LED strip to meet our particular needs in our new kitchen. I figured I'd ask if that is misguided in any way and what brands you might recommend. I think I'm down to Juno or Environmental Lights as I'm not aware of any others - any other suggestions and any feedback between those two manufacturers?

I want an on/off wall switch for everything, then individual dimmers on each of two 24" strips and one 12" strip along the main area for light for a total of 60" of dimmability, and then one 8" strip with just an on-off switch between our range and the window, which is fine as the range has a microwave over it with a light underneath.

Juno is apparently the Home Depot brand, and I've gotten mixed feedback about it but have those strips in-hand and ready for installation in a week. Environmental Lights is well regarded and can be tailored to particular needs but I haven't seen any in person so would be going a bit on faith. Their customer service is obviously really good - I spoke with someone by phone who was really helpful.
But their strips seem narrower and I am having trouble comparing apple/apple.

Thoughts? The electrician is coming in a week so I'd love to nail this down in the next 1-2 days.Thanks for any replies/guidance!

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The main choices are between low voltage and direct wire lighting. The diy Ucl thread on this forum and the follow on thread have more details

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Here is a link that might be useful: Led continuation

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