Kenmore Top Loading, No Agitator Machine

frane392November 7, 2013

Hubby bought a Kenmore, top-loading washer ("High Efficiency") machine without an agitator. We did not look it up online, unfortunately.

It does not clean clothes because it does not use enough water, and often clothing on top of the load comes out perfectly dry.

I wrote a letter to Sears, asking if there were some way to fix this - they assured me we were under warranty and they would send somebody to fix this.

A month later, a man came out, told me that the machine "did not do well with pet hair", handed me a bill for $136. and left.

He did not address the low-water situation because he said it was not adjustable. I showed him the lint trap for the matching dryer, which is installed up-side-down, and allows for lint to spread all over the place and back into the machine when the trap is removed. No answer for that problem.

The front-loader is apparently better - LG and Maytag are better - my old Kenmore actually worked well. This is a very bad design, and the company not only does not care, they punish you with a $136."surprise" bill if you complain!

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Do you have a link to to show which machine you have? Kenmore sources its washers from Whirlpool and LG.


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