how do I change this light bulb? (recessed)

dandylandySeptember 10, 2012

I am embarrassed to ask this, but after fiddling around I could not figure out how to get this light bulb out... I saw one video on youtube where they pull the whole housing out but ours is painted on...

Please advise... Thanks in advance!

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Is there a thin silver metal ring around the glass lens? If so, look for a break in it, and use a fingernail or small non-scratchy flat-blade object to pull it inwards and then down, after which the glass lens will fall out allowing access to the bulb. If it's an MR16 bulb, the bulb and reflector will be part of the same unit, so pull on the reflector not the glass bulb.

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Hi Lee, Thanks for the suggestion but no, there is not - I can push the glass up a little but it is definitely not able to be pushed in and then down... I can't believe how hard this is.
We both looked at it and played with it to no avail.

Any other ideas?

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Don't know then. The housing is "painted on"? It shouldn't be. If you think you need to remove the entire housing, try taking a box-cutting knife blade carefully around the edge of the fixture, holding the knife almost sideways, to break the fixture free from the ceiling paint so it can be removed without taking chunks of ceiling paint or drywall with it.

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I have some MR16 'wall washers' that look something like those. You simply have to pull the housing down and out to access the bulb.

Agree with the post above about using a knife to carefully cut the paint around the rim. Razor blade or xacto-like knife would also work.

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