Does CA Title 24 compliant track lighting exist? (wood ceiling)

kaysdSeptember 14, 2011

We have a real problem with lighting in our new house. It is a 1960 ranch, and the south half of the house has a vaulted ceiling that is just over 8' high at the edge of the house and about 11' high at the center line of the house. 10" tall wood beams are placed every 6', with T&G placed in between and perpendicular to the beams (we think it may be fir). The roof is right over the wood ceiling; there is no attic space in between.

We have several rooms with no ceiling lights. The dining room has a chandelier that is swagged over from a corner with a white cord running down the wall to an outlet. The kitchen has 3 pendants that are drilled through a beam, but the kitchen layout will change a lot when we remodel and lights where the 3 pendants hang now will not work. The living room, guest bedroom and office have no lights. For those 3 rooms, we would like to install ceiling fans with light kits (no AC in house, but cool ocean breezes through windows). I don't know if ceiling fans with lights are title 24 compliant, but the stores are full of them here. To hang the fans, we have to run wiring along the beams and try to hide it with trim or paint, or else run wiring across the roof in pipes and patch the roof where it goes through.

Adding lights when we re-model the kitchen is the biggest problem. Title 24 requires half the wattage in the kitchen to be from "high efficacy" (led or fluorescent) lights. We will use led or fluorescent under cabinet lights for task lighting, but that will not be enough watts to be able to use low efficacy lights for general lighting in the room. Track lighting seems like the easiest solution to light a room with a wood ceiling, but I have not been able to find a system online that is labeled as high efficacy for Title 24. CA counts regular track lighting as 45W per foot, and my kitchen is 15' x 14', so it just will not work under title 24.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Our architect thinks we should install a new ceiling below the existing one so we can add recessed lights, but I hate the idea of covering the original wood ceiling so we can have can lights.

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How about using cove lighting? The lighting will be directed upwards and reflected off the ceiling.

The wide beam versions of the eW PowerCore series of lights from Philips are title 24 compliant.

Another option could be suspended architectural lighting

For example


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Probably too late for this poster from almost a year ago, but in a similar situation, I just found current limiters that have been developed for J and H type track lighting (Juno / Halo and other compatibles). Search for "va rating integral current limiter". VA stands for Volt Amperage. The ones I found readily were Juno and Nora brands.

So now you can limit the power that can be used (and that will count against you in the Title 24 calculations) and with new LED fixtures that use so few watts, you can easily have enough light even with much lower limit. (1A limiter would still give you 120W at 120V). Most LED pendants that I've seen are in the range of 3-7W each.

It's still not considered "high-efficiency", (because someone could put incandescent or halogen fixtures on the track - although now limited) but can be balanced out by other high efficiency fixtures - either LED or fluorescent - that you are able to install elsewhere in the kitchen.

Can't wait to tell the electrician... and can't believe I found this on my own despite all the lighting "experts" telling me it couldn't be done!

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