July, 2014: induction cooktop ... gas hybrid?

arlinekJuly 13, 2014

I've been searching for "recent" discussions and haven't found too many ... is the interest in induction waning? Hope not. I've always cooked on gas cooktops and I'm willing to convert to induction, based on all the opinions here that I've read. However, I do *DO* some fancy cooking at times and sauce-making after roasting meat, turkey, etc. I definitely want to be able to make my sauces in the pans I've roasted something in for that wonderful fond and I *really* don't want to give up all of my favorite alum. pans that I do use. I also use a favorite aluminum/teflon 14" saute pan (11-1/4" base), but not too often. For MY situation, AM I better off either getting a combo induction/gas cooktop (not a stove) or perhaps two side-by-side vertical, front and back, units: one with two burners in gas and the other two induction? I have a 30" opening in my granite counter and if I HAD TO, I could enlarge it to 36" if absolutely necessary. I know about needing new pans/upgrading the power to 220/240V. It's just I'm wondering what's wrong with having the "best of both worlds"? What are the popular, recommended brands/models right now? Is there anyone using a hybrid stove top or two units like I am considering? Prefer asking this of real cooks and not necessarily in the appliance section (which had very little recent info btw). Thank you so much in advance.

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I have had a 24" induction (imported from Europe) and 15" gas (Wolf) for 4-5 years. The induction is like 2/3 of a 36" same model, so has the big double ring as well as a small and medium. My roasters are induction capable (enamelled steel and cast iron) so they work on the induction. The Graniteware roaster with the stamped tree in the bottom works fine on my big double ring for the pan gravy. My 15 qt. cast iron goose pot is just too big, period, to try, though my 5 qt. oval cast iron works similarly well.

One of the things that made me hesitate about the Wolf gas was that it's just not set up properly for two burner pans, and neither is my induction, which is why I was so glad that the steel roasters work fine overlapping the big element. I have a 7-ply large round induction griddle/plancha/comal/teppanyaki that also fits over the big element.

It's not that people don't talk about induction anymore. It's that the marketplace has matured and a heck of a lot more people are aware of it now than when I joined the Appliances forum seven years ago. At that time, it was just appearing in US stores after a long hiatus, and many GWers were still importing theirs. (I only imported mine to get the size I wanted.)

I haven't been able to find a gas-induction hybrid in the size you want in the US. These are more popular in parts of the world where the electricity is very iffy. That doesn't mean that there isn't one. If you're going to get one, definitely get open flame. Some of the ones I saw in the wrong size had gas under glass, and only on one burner. Definitely for power outages and the occasional glass or ceramic pot, rather than a lot of real cooking. Others of the wrong sized hybrids had the gas on either side of the induction, so wouldn't work for your purpose.

The good news is that both basic gas and induction cooktops are fairly basic and even off brands should have acceptable quality. You'll likely get more power with pricier, separate units, however, if you can find a configuration that'll give you what you want and fit. Miele and Gaggenau make 12" modules, as do some less known brands. Wolf makes 15", but as I said, the gas might not work for you. The other brands also have different gas sized burners, but they're in line with each other, which should work for you. Gaggenau makes 15" modules, but the knobs are meant to be mounted on the apron, so unless you already have a false front there, with open space behind, they wouldn't be appropriate. If they do fit, they'll give you the most power possible, and a really big dent in the pocketbook.

While you're upgrading your power, make sure you have a sufficiently big circuit.

BTW, I don't use the gas much at all. Certain things seem to demand it, like toasting tortillas or grilling hotdogs. And charring peppers and eggplants, of course, but I hate doing that on the stainless. There are cleaning advantages to old fashioned enamel...

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I assume you've been on the Kitchens Forum. There are discussions about it there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Induction threads.

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I am ordering a 15" miele wok burner and a 30" induction cooktop also from miele. Unfortunately, the smaller gas cooktop is a closed burner rather than an open burner which would have been my preference. The miele wok burner is rated at 28k btu. It is very hard to find a working model. I am buying this without an opportunity to play with it. My roasters are not induction capable so the wok burner will be used for some sauce making. My biggest evasion for the wok burner is for Asian cooking and also to handle frequent power outages in the area. There is a current thread on the appliance forum about this topic too.
I personally would not buy a combo unit. I think Fisher and Paykel was the only one who had this combination but I am sure it is sold in the US anymore. I would prefer to pick from the different 15" units. If you are able to go to 36", you could get 3 12" units from miele and gaggenau.
Good luck!

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Thank you Pillog for all your generous sharing! Momj, I had only looked at the appliances section so am so glad you suggested the "Kitchens Forum". Homepro: I may have to order two 15" modules though I don't like having to pay what appears to be so much extra for the "privilege". Could you pls. tell me the diff. between and open and closed gas burner? I've recently seen this term but am not familiar with it. "Closed burner" to me meant sealed so that spill-overs wouldn't leak down below the cooktop.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I have kitchen Aid induction and love it! LOVE! Love the new pots and pans I was forced to buy too! I still need an induction roasting pan so I can cook the roast in the electric oven, and then put it on the burners to make gravy from the drippings.

Maybe Christmas!

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