led strip versus led tube

calyle7September 9, 2013

We are putting in electrical outlets / switches etc and wanting to put in what is needed for the LED under cabinet lights.
I have read so much that my head is spinning and I am so confused to say the least!
Wondering which everyone uses the most now? LED Strips or Tubes for under the cabinets? Which is most cost effective?
I have noticed where several are using the rope lighting for inside glass cabinets...Do these also work well and give off enough light for under the cabinets?
I am wanting to be able to dim the under counter lights and was wondering What I need to purchase to be able to do this?
Thanks for any help and guidance anyone can give me.
I am a visual person .....so any pictures anyone can post and explain what was used will be so very much appreciated!

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I'd probably choose what is easer to clean.

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The LED UCL thread (+ the continuation) on this forum cover quite a bit.

The measure of cost effectiveness really depends on what you mean. Is it primarily the total price at the time of purchase?

Or would you take into account the ease/ difficulty of wiring up the entire setup, light quality, profile, operational costs over a period of time (say 10 years).

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