GE Profile broken agitator

saypointNovember 18, 2012

I have a GE Profile model PTWN8050M0ww high efficiency top loader that is only 1.5 years old. While removing a load of clothes, I noticed the agitator was crooked, and when I reached for it, it came right up in my hand. It is the low profile agitator that just pushes the clothes around, not the normal tall agitator.

There appears to be a bolt or stud that is broken off partway inside the agitator. On the top of the agitator, under a removeable plastic cap, there is a phillips head screw. The corresponding broken piece is sticking up slightly in the center of the tub bottom.

Is this a broken off stud, or a bolt that I could possibly drill out of both parts? Something I can do myself with a replacement part, or a job for a pro? Figures it would break soon after the warranty ends. Appliances these days are crap. I bought this to replace a 25 year old top loader that cost $150 new and worked fine but was a bit beat up and getting noisy. Wish I had it back.

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If I'm understanding the parts diagram correctly, the Phillips screw goes directly into the drive shaft. The shaft is integral to the part #WH37X10005 called "Mech Housing." Checking a few online parts sources that I've used, best price I find it $240 at There are any number of online sources for parts, including eBay.

If the agitator disc itself is just cracked and off-kilter, it's part #WH43X10051, $81-ish.

Check the diagrams at to get a handle on what's involved.

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Amazing, this stuff is just junk. We went from Maytags that lasted 25 years of heavy family use to this.

I know taking inflation into account those Maytags were expensive, but c'mon. Next time I need a washer it's going to be a used one built before 2006.

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Thanks for the info, dadoes. I don't think it's a job I would do myself. I can't believe I'm going to have to put about $400-500 into a washer I just bought for about $900.
I'm also thinking about looking for a used or reconditioned washing machine next time. The one I bought in the early 80s worked fine and NEVER had a single problem. They can send the rover to Mars, but can't build a washer that works for more than a year? Something's wrong with this picture. I don't doubt for a minute that these things are designed to break after the warranty to drive the sale of parts and new machines. Anyone in the manufacturing industry care to comment?

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Update: After speaking to a local repair person, I called GE to see if there was a longer than normal warranty on the transmission. I expressed my disappointment that a major breakdown would happen 5 months after the warranty ran out. They not only agreed to pay for the entire repair, but said they would send me a check for $35 to cover the cost of doing my laundry elsewhere if I had to wait for the part to come in. The service guy was here today to look at it, and told me that there is a history of this problem. Apparently, a computer glitch is causing the agitator to function in a way that puts too much strain on it, and the transmission shaft weakens and eventually snaps.
He'll be back next week to replace the electronics and the transmission.

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