Juno WarmDim LED?

ktm11990September 20, 2012

I am trying to choose which 6" LED recessed lights to use in my new kitchen. It is new construction & Title 24. I was going to order the Cree CR6-800L in a 2700k but saw one in person and don't like the thick and clunky trim.

It seems like my best options are now either Halo or Juno and I just saw that Juno has a "WarmDim" technology which will allow them to dim and look like an incandescent. Has anyone seen this? It seems like they are only available in 3000k which I would be ok with since I can warm them by dimming them. They are 600 lumens and I'm not sure if that will be enough light.

My ceilings are 9'. My kitchen is 10 x 14 and is "open plan" opening onto a dining / living area which will have standard incandescent recessed lights. My contractor has already installed 6 housings with about 4' spacing between them. I have 4 island pendant lights in the center and an additional fixture over the sink.

Any advice? Thanks!

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I knew sooner or later someone would make a LED like this. At least when I looked at them, they were only sold as part of complete fixtures (either new-construction or remodeler) rather than retrofits for existing cans which is what I needed. I would have also liked a CRI (color rendering index) higher than 83 which is similar to CFL bulbs. I've never seen one, but conceptually I think it's a great idea and I'd want to try these out for bedroom or certain living room type areas.

Cree does offer trim rings in four dark colors that fit the CR6 lamps and look nice, although they add $12-$15 for each lamp.

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On paper at least, these look better than the Juno

retrofit BR30 floodlamp bulbs, the size usually used in 5", sometimes 6" cans. 2700K incandescent color. CRI >93, which is better than the Cree CR6. Also brighter at 680 lumens, but uses even lower wattage, 8.5w. Warms to lower color temp when dimmed, like an incandescent bulb. Full-coverage wraparound diffuser with no visible heat sink or diodes. 5-year warranty (if the company stays in business). Goes into production in late October 2012.

Looks great if it actually makes it to market, and at a reasonable price.

LEDnovation EnhanceLite BR30

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Lee, that product doesn't seem like it is going to meet the original poster's Title 24 requirement.

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oops, didn't see that - it won't, but a GU24 version if they make one would. I put it on this thread just to keep all the "warm-dimming" (for lack of a better term) LED bulbs in the same place.

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