(another) help me pick: Electrolux vs Whirlpool

shodorovNovember 19, 2012

Electrolux EIFLS55IIW vs Whirlpool WFW94HEXW specifically...

but in general terms, which of the 2 brands offers better reliability longevity and in case of trouble, warranty and support?


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more info: had a perfectly good 8 year old pair of bosch nexxt machines. never an issue and performed well. Sandy took care of those!

Bosch doesnt make washer/dryers anymore, if it did I would just buy the current ones - like I am doing with my dishwasher so I am totally out of my element.

I didnt have steam, not sure what its good for. didnt have a super fancy LCD but the machines WORKED... only gripe is they both were slow. A wash could take well over an hour.

my only needs are FL and HE and a 4.0cf drum or more.

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I had that same Electrolux. Wished I didn't. I actually had a few. Multiple boards went bad. Motors. You name it. I was actually going to get he whirlpool duet WFW97. But I changed my mind because sears said it was on back order for over a month. Must have been A very popular machine. If I would have known now what I know about Electrolux I would have waited for thy duet. Electrolux eventually ended up buying my machine back from me. So I'm glad I didn't have to keep it!

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I had the Electrolux as well. My clothes stank. Stunk? Anyway, after washing and drying using the correct detergent and following instructions, I smelled like I'd been working in fields all week in the same clothes. PU
After working my way up to a higher level of customer service and threatening to join the class action lawsuit against them being initiated in CA, they refunded my purchase price. This was 2.5 years after I bought it.

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I was initially looking at the WFX97HEX as well but went ahead with the elux. Clothes have never been cleaner and i like the machines.

I do have some trouble with it and elux is promptly taking care of it.

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I have an Electrolux in the 70 line, not the 55. Slightly bigger and has a few more bells/whistles. I've had it for about 9 months, works great and no bad smells at all. I am very happy with the performance.

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nods at CJ. Mine is a 70 series too.

Bad smells will happen if after the wash people close the door... i have read here for all the tips and follow them religiously, the door stays open for a day or two (same with my dishwasher) and i wipe any excess water from the gasket.

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