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wildlifephotomomJanuary 11, 2008

I think I have chosen my master bedroom color (I am down to 2) BM Waterbury Cream (HC-31)OR BM Shelburne Buff (HC-28). My question is-what color should I go with on my ceiling? Do I go with a pure white or something toward an offwhite or something else? I always assumed that ceilings were always white until I started looking at all the pictures on here-and there are some beautiful ones. This is the bedding that I will be using in my master bedroom (the pillow picture) and the wood-

Any help is most appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: master bedroom

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Hi Wildlife - I love your new bed linens, gorgeous, lots of character.

I presume from the names, cream and buff that these are fairly light colors. If that is the case I'd use the same color on the ceilings too. You'll find the color on the ceiling will look a little different than the walls but they will blend in beautifully. If these were dark colors, I would suggest a paler version of the wall color.

BTW, my own bias is that I don't have any white walls in my house and haven't for decades and haven't missed them.


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I agree with Sky. Use the same color on the ceiling or at the very least, a creamy color. Definitely not white...but then...I'm not a white ceiling fan anymore after being on Gardenweb for over a year now so I'm biased.

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oops, I meant to say I don't have white ceilings. I'm not certain what a white ceiling does anymore except be a safe choice for some people and a nice clean contrast of color for others who know what they want.


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Just going from your pics....your new bedding is beautiful - I think Shelbourne buff will be a better fit. I have used both...found HC-28 Waterbury to have more yellow in it.

And, yes, I would do the ceiling in atleast the same color depending on the light your room gets or 1-2 shades lighter than your paint color.


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My neighbors have Shelbourne Buff in their foyer, it's a pretty color. I agree, I do the ceiling the same color as long as there is no crown moulding. If there is, you could use a lighter shade or a pale blue!

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Well, I guess I'm going to be the lone dissenter here, because I do not like ceilings painted the same color as the walls at all. To me it makes the room feel like a box with the lid on - a white ceiling "lifts the lid" and makes the room feel less closed-in. IMO you also have to be pretty careful with yellowish tones on the ceiling, since it can look dingy, like a smoker has lived there for a long time! (I used to BE a smoker, so I'm really familiar with that yellow residue! LOL)

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I am a white ceiling person. I had my painter out today to give me the estimate for my painting going on next week, and he's going to paint the FR and kitchen ceilings too. I asked him what he thought about white vs. a color and he said he thought the white really reflected the light and where we live in central OH, sunny days are not real common, so I need all the help I can get.

How high are your walls? I think if you have 9 or 10' walls a colored ceiling will work better, but with standard 8' walls I like white. It's easy to touch up, and goes with everything.

Both of those colors were on my decision list and Sherbourne buff was on the final cut - I bought samples of it etc. I wouldn't say it's a light color, just a nice medium tone, but in my opinion way too dark for a ceiling.

I like the Sherbourne Buff better with your bedding. The waterbury cream is a pretty color, but very gold - a definite yellow gold too. I believe if you go to my post on the whether to use Pittsfield, Monroe or Powell buff, Gardenchick1 posted some pretty photos of I think her greatroom in Waterbury Cream. It's a very pretty color, you can see if you like it based on her photo.

Can't wait to see the finished room once you decide!

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I think white ceilings looks like you forgot to paint one of your walls

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I used to have white ceilings but now have colour on my ceilings, and quite frankly, I am getting sick of it. I agree with Johnmari on a white ceiling or much lighter shade of the wall colour, I am talking very light. I think my bedroom is Ivory Tusk and we used (followed the contractor's advice) the same colour on my ceiling. HATE, HATE IT!! Maybe it's because the colour is a bit dark.

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I like color on the ceilings, but not the same color as the walls. That is too much like a box. The only place I did that is in my window-less, attached garage (on the ground level; I live above it.) There, I painted the walls a joyful french lavendar and did the ceilings 2 shades lighter. It does look like a box, but then, it is a box, just a happy french provencal one!

In bedrooms, I did one a very light peachy-pink with a light etheral grey ceiling. Just lovely. The master suite is a reddish taupe with a cool-toned very light pink ceiling. I find it quite pleasing. Coordinates well with blueish reds and silver sage and all the taupes and cremes. This ceiling color also matches the "crimson strawberry" (dark but happy burgandy) accent wall in adjacent toliet room.

Can't advise on which colors to put on ceiling. My take is not white, and not the same color as walls. Chose a ceiling color that will work with your fabrics too.

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I love all your pics. Very charming!

I think you should do this on your ceiling.

In your spare time.

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Oceanna, you crack me up!!!

Almost all my ceilings are very pale blue. You hardly notice that it isn't white. This topic is almost as contentious as the TV over the fireplace... ;-)

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I love the idea of painting the ceilings. Before joining this forum I had no idea that people even do this. lol. I think painted ceilings look better when you have crown moulding which I lack.

I am going to paint my kitchen ceiling because my cabinets are more of an off-white and the ceiling is too stark against them.

I am in the process of getting samples to see what I like. (I swear the samples the will cost more than the final cans of paint.) If I can't find anything I really like I am at least going to paint the ceiling the same color as the cabinets.

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amysrq...yeah, something about a few topics that just touch a nerve I guess. It's all about personal preference and certainly no right or wrong answer.

I don't think every wall color would work well on a ceiling for me. But now that I've done a bit of color, I don't think I could ever go back to white. Well, that's not completely true...my kids rooms have white on the ceiling but I probably will change that when they outgrow their current decor. My almost 8 year old is already talking about what she wants to do with her room next and we've only been in the house 6 months. LOL

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YES---THIS IS IT!!!! When will you be here to help me get started? I will do the cooking and keep you fed, supply you with all the coffee and cappucino you can drink and wipe your brow so you can concentrate on the picture you are painting ;-) You are too funny!!! And you certainly brought a smile on a dreary grey day in OH. Oh to be so talented as to be able to paint a ceiling like this-wouldn't that be wonderful?

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Wildlifephotomom, I have good news for you! You don't actually need me. Most of those complex ceilings are done on canvas, which you can work on the floor or at a large table, or in the garage. Then you stick them up there with wallpaper paste. That's what the mural artists do.

If you don't like the one I picked out, there are plenty more inspiration ceilings in our Gallery. Some are as simple as steciling the corners. Hey maybe you could put some of your wildlife photos up there? Everyone loves wildlife. Please be sure to post a pic when you're done! ;D

Anyway, I'd love to see your wildlife pics. Do you have any framed around your house?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceilings in Gallery

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