Softener Confusion

JayneFNovember 19, 2012

Here's my problem put simply: Now that I am on a fixed income (can't buy new washing machine) and wash practically all of our clothes in cold water (to save money), I am finding that Downey liquid softener gunks up the softener holder and picks up any excess lint, hair, etc. Tried only using dryer sheets, but my husband says his clothes don't smell fresh and I have heard it isn't good for the dryer. (P.S. I have been using powder but it doesn't seem to matter - does the same when I use liquid Tide). Can anyone help? I'm so sick of thoroughly cleaning the gunk out of the softener cup - is there another solution that will get his clothes fresh? You would seem that I would know by now how to do laundry, but am only running into this the past few years. My washer is about 10 yrs. old and is a Whirlpool top-loading Ultimate Care.

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The cold-water washing is probably at least part of the reason hubby's clothes "don't smell fresh" ... your washer is may be gunked-up as much under the tub where you can't see it as the softener dispenser is where you can see it.

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are you diluting the Downy?? You have GOT to dilute it! I use Downy unscented and it doesn't gunk up AT ALL, because I dilute it about 1:5 with water. I keep a soda bottle full of premixed softener.

Dryer sheets shouldn't hurt the dryer AT ALL. been using them for decades.

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Agree with Dave--you must dilute. OR you could buy you a Downy Ball and use it instead of the dispenser on the washer. The ball is self cleaning--problem solved.?

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I dilute f/s half and half with white vinegar. Works great.

I like to save money every way I can. Downy is the most expensive f/a on the shelves here, so I buy Snuggle or Suavitel.

To me, their fragrance is just as great, they soften just as well, and they are much less expensive than Downy. They're also a bit thinner, which would help with your 'gunk' problem.

I would recommend washing at least one load of laundry in hot or at least warm water each week -- maybe towels in hot water, or your husband's clothes in warm water.

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