Fixing pendant light cable

NorthlutSeptember 2, 2013

Our house came with two very nice (and presumably expensive) pendant lights above the kitchen island. Over the last month, both stopped working. At first I did the obvious thing and replaced the bulb, but that didn't work. Then I replaced the transformer. Still no good. So I realized I needed to troubleshoot a little more methodically, and I got my multimeter out. I've only taken one apart, but it appears to me that there's a break somewhere in the cable near the bulb end. If I wiggle the socket, I can get the meter to read continuity, but it's intermittent. So I'm thinking I need to replace that part. However, unless I'm missing something, it looks like the bulb socket itself is part of the cable. Photo:

Is this something I'm actually going to be able to replace without replacing the entire fixture? What exactly do I need to look/ask for? Anything else to try first?

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