washer machine power button

loren11November 10, 2010

the power button has not been working well, just sporadically..now the power will NOT come on at all..its an avanti front loader. have tried unplugging, but nothing helps..am a female with no skills on taking it apart..so thats out of the question.

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First I would check and make sure it's not your electric circuit. Plug something else in, such as a hair dryer or a radio, and make sure it is working correctly.

Also, sometimes the electrical outlets become loose(worn) and won't hold the plug securily. If you kind of jiggle or rock the plug slowly does it then work?

I just want you to check to make sure it's not the electrical connection instead of the washer. Since you state you have no repair skills, that way you will know who to call, electrician or washer repairman.

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thanx for reply..yes did check that, its fine..as for repairs i doubt if i would spend what it costs to call a licensed plumbe, machine is 8 yrs old only paid $400 for it..time for a new one.

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At worst you need an appliance repair person. It isn't a bad living but they aren't pulling down what a plumber makes where I live - if the problem is just a minor short you are not looking at a complicated or expensive repair.

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